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December 6, 2007

We have been running Mac Broadband for about 6 months now. During this time we have been receiving feedback on mac users’ broadband experiences and tracking which broadband companies our readers have been signing-up with.

It is interesting to note that our readers have been voting with their feet.

The first Mac broadband poll

The first Mac broadband survey/poll shows that the following mac compatible ISPs are receiving the most sign-ups from Mac Broadband’s readers are:

  1. Madasafish Max
  2. BT Option 1
  3. Pipex Midi

Notes: chances are that our Madasafish promotion could be skewing results. But, it seems that the two BT owned ISPs (Madasafish and BT broadband) are receiving most of our readers’ attention. We received a lot of interest in Pipex over the summer period – maybe it was the Hoffmeister effect – from Pipex’s then advertising campaign.

As recently reported; Zen internet, Madasafish, Demon internet and BT-owned all made it into the Mac User Awards 2007 – so we will be adding their broadband profiles to this website and working up reviews on them over the Christmas period.

View our Mac compatible broadband table to view the very best of mac ISPs.

Madasafish. Help spread the word… Free to use £15 discount code

December 2, 2007

Come on. Get using our Madasasfish Promotion code. Only about 30 people have used it so far….

Madasafish Discounts used so far

30 x £15 discount = Only £450 in discounts have been claimed so far.

The promotion codes are FREE to use. So what are you waiting for?

£15 broadband discount code

Keep saving money – the £15 OFF Madasafish Offer still stands so tell your friends about it. If they use the Madasafish promotion code “1192819” when they sign-up to any one of the Madasafish Broadband deals then they will get a £15 discount off their broadband bill.

£5 broadband discount code

And, if your friends use the promotion code “1192819” when they sign-up for the Madasafish Talk package then they will get a £5 discount off their phone bill.

To help us spread the word – if you run a blog or website – please link to the following page and help tell the world about our free give-away – Mac broadband deals.

Best broadband for Apple Macs

November 28, 2007

Mac World Awards

Appologies, I have been slow on the uptake but there have been some broadband awards that Apple mac owners should be aware of – we wanted to share the results with you in-case it helps sway your decision on who to place your hard-earned cash with.

The readers of MacWorld were asked to vote for their favorite mac isp and the results were announced back in July 2007.

Of the nominations for best ‘Mac Friendly’ ISP: Demon, Madasafish, Pipex, Plusnet & Zen

Drum roll…..

The Macworld Reader Award for best ‘Mac Friendly’ ISP 2007 was……

Zen internet

[Applause]… well done Zen.

In light of this, we will amend our best broadband for mac comparison table ASAP.

Quick links to the respective mac isp websites & our information pages:

Finding and choosing an ISP for Mac users

August 7, 2007

What a nightmare? At first glance it seems that none of the Internet Service Providers (I.S.P.s) in the UK cater for owners and users of Apple mac computers. I guess that because Mac users are relatively small in numbers – when compared to PC users – that the bigger broadband providers have forgoten about them; Mac users have quite different service and support needs to the PC community.

Almost all ISPs provide Mac compatible broadband but not all are Mac friendly. You can use any ISP’s broadband on an Apple mac computer or laptop but, not all ISPs will provide you with guidance on how to run the modem or router installation nor offer you helpful mac support. Result – As a Mac user you are pretty much left to your own devices; sorry mac owners, when it comes to setting up and using your broadband connection the big broadband providers are generally found wanting.

However there is hope! The following broadband providers are making efforts to support Mac users and make their broadband – mac compatible :

ISP for mac computers

  • BT broadband – they are a big player that appeals to the family-PC market but they are now making efforts to provide mac compatible broadband and support.
  • Madasafish broadband – Madasafish have been mac friendly for a while now. They not only offer great service and support, but also are set-up to provide high bandwidth connections to power users. When Madasafish say ‘unlimited’ downloads they mean just that… e.g. no ‘download limits are subject to our fair usage policy.’
    Update: As of August 2007, Madasafish broadband are now owned by BT broadband. Service levels should remain high but watch this post & website for updates.
  • AOL broadband- Another major broadband player, now owned and operated by the Carphone Warehouse. AOLs broadband service has suffered over the years but they are a good safe bet if you want the re-assurance of a big broadband ISP but don’t want to use BT broadband.
  • Pipex broadband – This broadband ISP has recently been taken over by Tiscali broadband (yet another big ISP but this time, German owned). With David Hassolhoff featured on their advertising, they must be onto a winner.
  • TalkTalk broadband -Another broadband ISP on the Carphone Warehouse roster. TalkTalk have been in trouble for their ‘free broadband for life’ advertising; it almost caused their internal system and customer services to fall-over, when they received an unprecedented response to their FREE broadband offer. However, TalkTalk are recovering from their initial over-enthusiasm to gain new customers and, their service levels are returning.

Are we missing a mac compatible ISP?

If you think we are missing a Mac compatible ISP or there is one you use that you think is simply GREAT then – Please fill-out the comments form below with who you would recommend we review on this website and we will get on the case.

Moreover, if you have any particularly strong feelings about the broadband ISPs featured above (good or bad experiences) then drop us a message in the comments section and we’ll post them up for all to see (no swearing though :-) ).

Madasafish broadband bought by BT

August 7, 2007

You may or may not have heard recently but, the company that owns Madasafish broadband (Brightview Group) has been bought by major broadband player, BT. “Argh” I here you say, “Not BT. They are a big and evil company.” Well they maybe big and the jury is still out on evil.

It is early days and difficult to say what will happen to Madasafish and it’s broadband service. In the short-term it looks like Madasafish is going to be left alone by BT and allowed to carry-on serving the niche pc and Apple mac markets.

Here at Mac Broadband we have our concerns about what might happen in the long-term but for now we are sure Madasafish will continue to provide a solid service to Apple mac owners.

Lets look at why you should continue to consider Madasafish as your broadband provider for you and your mac…..

Highlights on the Madasafish service

1. Customer Service Focus

broadband are not a broadband service provider that puts all their work into acquiring new customers and forgets about them as soon as they’ve signed up. Quite the opposite. Madasafish focus on providing an excellent service at all times. On the rare occasions when things do go wrong, They take personal responsibility for sorting them out.

2. Honesty and transparency

Madasafish broadband are completely transparent and honest when describing their package offerings. When you don’t have anything to hide it’s quite an easy policy to follow. They don’t say ‘unlimited’ and mean ‘so long as you don’t use it much’. They don’t say ‘free’ and mean ‘so long as you pay us lots of money for another service they provide’.

Madasafish broadband are members of The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) and They abide by the ISPA UK Code. They are one of the first companies to sign Ofcom’s Broadband Industry migration code (MAC) of practice which ensures fair treatment for customers who want to change their broadband service provider. Madasafish’s focus is simply to provide top quality phone and Internet services.

3. Fanatical About Support (inc. Mac)

Whether you are a Windows PC or Mac user, Madasafish’s technicians are fully trained to help you resolve any problems or queries you might have. And Madasafish broadband are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year, if you need us.

4. Value for money

Madasafish broadband services come with free connection and a free router. Monthly fees start at just £11.99 a month for speeds up to 8Mb. Switch your phone line rental to Madasafish for just £9.99 a month and you’ll get free evening and weekend calls. Includes excellent call rates to mobiles and international destinations.

5. Award winning broadband

They don’t like blowing their own trumpets but the last 12 months has been quite exciting for Madasafish. They’ve had to dust off their tuxedos and evening dresses on several occasions to go and take the plaudits.

At the 2007 Internet Service Provider Awards (or ISPAs, as they’re affectionately known) They received the award for “Best Consumer Email”. ISPA said;

“the judges felt that Madasafish’s email security and reliability reflects the vital role email now plays for consumers. The ease by which consumers are able to navigate Madasafish’s email interface using key commands was seen as a great feature.”

At the 2006 ISPAs Madasafish broadband was the overall winner in the ‘Best Heavy Consumer Broadband’ category. An ISPA spokesperson said,

“The judges considered Madasafish to offer a great product which represents real value for money.” The judges also applauded Madasafish

for offering an inclusive broadband service, which supports both Apple Mac and PC users.

The 2006 PC Pro Awards saw Madasafish Highly Commended in the ‘Best Broadband ISP’ category. In The PC Pro awards, the team at Madasafish were voted for by the magazine’s readers. Madasafish was Highly Commended in both the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and ‘Best Buy’ categories of the PC Advisor >Broadband Awards. Again, based on the feedback of thousands of readers, these commendations really reflect their commitment to Customer Service and value for money. Recently, Madasafish also ranked well in terms of customer satisfaction in the BBC Watchdog ‘Broadband Survey’ – beating broadband providers much marger than themselves.

BT Broadband

June 28, 2007

Mac User ‘ISP of the Year’ winner is – BT Broadband

BT broadband wins MacUser awardBT Broadband beat a short list of contenders to win the Mac User magazine “ISP of the year award 2006″. Nominees included, Demon, ntl:Telewest (now Virgin Media), Pipex and Zen Internet. The awards were voted for by the readers of Mac User magazine. Mac User reaches over 50,000 Mac professionals. Mac User is focused at the professional and creative markets with its core readers working in graphics, design and publishing, video and audio.

About BT Broadband

BT (British Telecom) is the UK’s largest and best-known telecoms company. In fact, it may be misleading to talk of BT only in terms of the UK, as it is a global company that provides a multitude of communications and IT services to businesses in dozens of countries. The company is firmly rooted in the UK however, the only country in which it provides consumers with a full suite of traditional telephony services and internet access products.

> Find out more about the BT broadband offer on their website

£20 OFF Madasafish Promotion Code(s)

June 24, 2007

Madasafish broadband promotion codeUse the Madasafish promotion code “1192819” and save money on your new broadband connection with Madasafish – voted best broadband ISP a number of times by the broadband industry. Madasafish is a great Mac (& PC) compatible broadband supplier – they offer a simple, no frills broadband connection and deliver exceptional customer service. The £15 OFF Madasafish promotion code should make the decision to choose Madasafish broadband even easier.

> Visit the Madasafish broadband website to find out more about the promotion code deal

DISCOUNT: £15 off Madasafish Promo code(s)

Madasafish is offering discounts to Apple Mac and PC owners who sign up to their services using the special Madasafish promotion code (referral code) “1192819

  • £10 discount for signing up to Madasafish Broadband – Use the special Madasafish promotional code “1192819″ and you will receive a £15 discount off your broadband subscription.
  • £5 discount if you sign-up for Madasafish Talk – Use the Madasafish promotion code “1192819″ and you will receive a £5 discount off your broadband subscription.
  • £15 discount – If you want to have both Broadband and Talk services from Madasafish then we recommend you split your sign-up over two sessions and do the following: In the first sign-up session, use the “1192819″code for your broadband registration and get a £10 discount off your Madasafish Broadband. Then go back and sign-up again, this time for Madasafish Talk. Use the Madasafish promotion code “1192819″ for your talk subscription and you will receive a £5 discount off your Madasafish Talk packages.

Madasafish ADSL Pricing:

Madasafish Broadband MAX (5GB monthly usage)

  • £11.99 a month (for first 6 months) and £17.99 a month (thereafter)
  • 1st Year = £179.88 – £10 discount

Madasafish Broadband MAX Plus (20GB monthly usage)

  • £19.99 a month (for first 6 months) and £25.99 a month (thereafter)
  • 1st Year = £275.88 – £10 discount

Madasafish Broadband MAX Premier (50GB monthly usage)

  • £25.99 a month (for first 6 months) and £29.99 a month (thereafter)
  • 1st Year = £335.88 – £10 discount

What do I do to receive the Madasafish promotional discount?

When you are ready to sign-up to Madasafish, visit the Madasafish website. When prompted to enter a promotion code or referral code – use the promo code “1192819″. Save money on your new broadband connection with Madasafish – voted best broadband ISP a number of times by the broadband industry.

Notes: The Madasafish Promotion code discount applies to those who do not already have a Madasafish Broadband or Madasafish Talk account with them. e.g. for new customers not existing Madasafish customers. Madasafish broadband speeds are up-to 8Mb, subject to download limits and the subscriber will need to sign a 12 month contract.

Mac Broadband listings – On the up again

June 24, 2007

Well – what can I say? I’ve been too busy with my day job to keep strumming away on this blog. The UK summer is here (well kind of), it is Glastonbury this weekend and Wimbledon tennis is round the corner. All in – I haven’t had time to sit down at my computer for a while.

Still – Google has been busy. In its endless quest to make me look good it has been dragging this website up its search position reports for the phrase Mac Broadband. Jobs a good’un and I am well pleased. This blog and website has now been pulled onto page 1 of Google for the Mac Broadband search phrase. Infact we are now position 6 in the world, out of 32,900,000 possible matches! I’m well chuffed.

This website is now also getting picked up by Google for broadband for mac, best mac broadband and mac compatible broadband. All these search phrases are now delivering this Mac Broadband website onto the first page results of Google so I am well chuffed.

I suppose I better start blogging. In between ciders and dodging those UK summer showers. Until the next post! Keep happy.

I’ll try and find time to fill-out the Broadband deals as soon as possible. They are the most important bits afterall.

Mac Broadband back on the up

April 29, 2007

Fortunes change quickly on the internet. And things are looking good again for the Mac Broadband website. This new website – thanks to WordPress – now dominates the page-1 Google results for the phrase macbroadband and is back to position 3 – not bad. A lot of it has to do with the domain I guess.

But here is the good news. The website has begun to show for the phrase mac broadband. When I ran these reports and posted about the results 3 days ago – on the 25th April ’07 – the Mac Broadband website was ranked 95 for the ‘mac broadband’ search phrase. 3 days later and positions are improving and we are now featured at position 19 on the Google UK listing. Position 95 to 19 in 3 days…WOW. Yay to Google & yay to wordpress. I reckon on x2 things. Google trusts WordPress as an authority and Google loves WordPress tags.

I’ll keep you posted.

Mac Broadband posts are slipping

April 25, 2007

Well. Good news and bad news. Google has found its way onto the Mac Broadband blog and website but the results on the ranks are not looking good.

A Google-bot found it onto the Mac Broadband website and actually made an index update – woop. So in under a week of running, at least Google has now discovered this specialist mac broadband website and Google is no longer listing a 123-reg holding page.

I was hoping for the Mac Broadband site to appear well in the search engine listings for people looking for ‘broadband for mac.’ However this websites domain is So what I did was name the site ‘Mac Broadband’ and this has knocked the results…. down. Last week – before I even launched the site – I was position 3 on for the search phrase ‘macbroadband’ and circa position 120 for the phrase ‘mac broadband’.

Today I found the ‘macbroadband’ rank had slipped to the bottom of page 1 at position 10 on…

macbroadband google listing

I then repeated my search request for the phrase ‘mac broadband’ and found the site listed at number 95 on Google. mac broadband google listing

So – all in the site has had its ups and downs and all in the first week of the site being in existence. Macbroadband listings may be slipping but who searches for that anyway? The ‘Mac broadband’ listing should start to rise now. Anyway, a low point of 95 is not too much to worry about.

A few more posts, a few more google friendly mac broadband related pages and a bit more broadband for mac keyword stuffing (like what I’ve done there?) and this mac site should start to climb the rankings. I will have to do some diretory submission for the phrase Mac Broadband too but that can wait.

For now its just “get those mac webpages up and they might come visit.”

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