Most popular mac broadband ISP

December 6, 2007

We have been running Mac Broadband for about 6 months now. During this time we have been receiving feedback on mac users’ broadband experiences and tracking which broadband companies our readers have been signing-up with.

It is interesting to note that our readers have been voting with their feet.

The first Mac broadband poll

The first Mac broadband survey/poll shows that the following mac compatible ISPs are receiving the most sign-ups from Mac Broadband’s readers are:

  1. Madasafish Max
  2. BT Option 1
  3. Pipex Midi

Notes: chances are that our Madasafish promotion could be skewing results. But, it seems that the two BT owned ISPs (Madasafish and BT broadband) are receiving most of our readers’ attention. We received a lot of interest in Pipex over the summer period – maybe it was the Hoffmeister effect – from Pipex’s then advertising campaign.

As recently reported; Zen internet, Madasafish, Demon internet and BT-owned all made it into the Mac User Awards 2007 – so we will be adding their broadband profiles to this website and working up reviews on them over the Christmas period.

View our Mac compatible broadband table to view the very best of mac ISPs.

Madasafish. Help spread the word… Free to use £15 discount code

December 2, 2007

Come on. Get using our Madasasfish Promotion code. Only about 30 people have used it so far….

Madasafish Discounts used so far

30 x £15 discount = Only £450 in discounts have been claimed so far.

The promotion codes are FREE to use. So what are you waiting for?

£15 broadband discount code

Keep saving money – the £15 OFF Madasafish Offer still stands so tell your friends about it. If they use the Madasafish promotion code “1192819” when they sign-up to any one of the Madasafish Broadband deals then they will get a £15 discount off their broadband bill.

£5 broadband discount code

And, if your friends use the promotion code “1192819” when they sign-up for the Madasafish Talk package then they will get a £5 discount off their phone bill.

To help us spread the word – if you run a blog or website – please link to the following page and help tell the world about our free give-away – Mac broadband deals.

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