Pay as you go broadband

April 27, 2009

PAYG or pay as you go broadband seems to be gaining in popularity. I can place whether it is the credit crunch or just broadband companies telling me that I can get cheap broadband, discounted broadband of free laptops if I sign up for 24 months – but – somewhere deep in my psyche I have noticed more of a pull towards payg broadband.

I was interested to find out whether it was only me that had been effected by the latest TV/marketing spin, so I ran some research on Google. I put the following queries into Google trends to give me a benchmark: broadband router and mac broadband. I then added in payg broadband and pay as you go broadband to see how they are fairing. You can see the result for yourself by looking at following the link to the? Google trend query.

Pay as you go broadband

See – I am not going mad. Pay as you go broadband is on the increase! And amazingly, so is the search phrase “pay as you go mobile broadband”. This surprises me, because that is quite a mouthful to type into Google when searching for something, but, definitely something people are looking for. My guess would be that it is students that use the payg broadband services the most but drop me a comment below if you use payg broadband and/or have switched to it recently. I’d be fascinated to know if you are switching to pay as you go broadband as a way of avoiding costly broadband contracts.

Please see my mobile broadband for mac page to find some good mobile broadband feedback from the Apple mac community (seems most of you have had bad experiences to date). There are links to all the major UK mobile broadband companies.

Check out these sites too: Pay as you go broadband (informational blog about pay as you go broadband, pay as youg go mobile broadband and pay as you go broadband dongles), VNU (press release from O2 about their new pay as you go mobile broadband offer) & GSM (the global governing body for Mobile phone operators, including mobile broadband operators in the UK).

Norton antivirus for mac

April 27, 2009

I have recently been sent a copy of the Norton anti-virus for the Mac computer. The software is available for both Apple Macs and PCs. It is 2009 edition.

I installed the software on my desktop PC, my notebook and my Apple mac laptop. The installation went smoothly on all three computers – although the netbook is always a pain when it has no CD-drive to install software through.

The software is very easy to use and is running background on each of my computer systems. Occasionally it has warned me of potential issues but these have turned out to simply be tracking cookies and a low level threat.

The anti-virus software and an initial scan of each computer system and found that all were okay – in other words, my ATG free edition had and a good job of keeping my computers protected.

What I do like about the Norton anti-virus, is that it can record your pass words within one function. Your credit card numbers, and passwords are stored within one password protected folder – each time you visit a website that Norton anti-virus recognises if offers to populate the username and password for you.

Another good feature is in the Web browser; it identifies itself when you conduct a search using a search engine – each web site listed in the search results, has an indicator next to it; a green tick for safe sites that have been scanned, a grey question mark for sites that are yet to be reviewed and, red crosses for websites that are riddled with dodgy software and viruses.

Norton also have a community in which you can take part – when you visit a website you can also add a mini review to the Norton system. Others can see your review so, you can others by telling them about a website’s content and whether it is safe to visits. I guess all this data goes into a big database that protects users in the future.

I have enjoyed using Norton antivirus 2009, and I will continue to until another product comes along. I am happy to use the product for the foreseeable future so you can take that as an endorsement. I plan to use the product until the next release. I will add updates to this anti-virus review when anything exciting happens!

A number of high street retailers will sell you a copy of the product including PC World – visit PC World.

24 mb broadband with MacAce

April 18, 2009

It is no secret dedicated Apple lovers will go out of their way to pledge allegiance to the Apple mac brand, so it should come as no surprise users of the Mac operating system have their own dedicated internet service with MacAce. (view the MacAce product information)

MacAce is one the latest broadband operators in the UK to launch a new range of up to 24Mb ADSL2+ broadband services over BT’s 21CN network  a broadband package that is also capable of 1Mb upload speeds.

The 24Mb ‘AlwaysOn’ home packages start with the cheapest AlwaysOn Lite deal. Priced at £16.49 on a rolling one month contract it includes a 10Gb peak download limit (unlimited off-peak), five email accounts and 1Gb of ‘MacMate’ web space. It is also possible to increase the peak usage quota to 30Gb (AlwaysOn Pro £24.39 per month) and 60Gb (AlwaysOn Elite at £29.29 per month) but all 24Mb packages are subject to a £46 connection charge.

There should hopefully be no problems with bandwidth-throttling for the AlwaysOn home packages, as makes a promise its services aren’t affected by traffic shaping or restrictions.

If you like the idea of really fast broadband and live in an urban or cables area then take a look at the broadband products offerings from Be broadband and VirginMedia

I found this article published on the Broadband Genie website. I’ve changed it slightly.

Free broadband from BT broadband

April 15, 2009

Press release from the team at BT broadband:

3 months FREE BT broadband

BT beats the economic cold front with 3 months Free Broadband! – sign up today

It’s April so time to shower BT customers with offers to wet their appetites with these online exclusive offers!

From the 15th April BT broadband will be offering 3 months free broadband on packages where customers bring their calls back to BT.

That means that anyone ordering either BT’s ‘broadband and call package’ or BT’s ‘triple play package’ (Broadband, calls and BT Vision) will get three months of BT Broadband absolutely Free.

The up to – £30 off – promotion will still run on BT broadband Option 1 and BT broadband Option 3 only (not BT broadband Option 2).

Visit the BT Broadband website for further information on this offer


Offers cannot be combined.

These offers are online exclusive.

Offer ends on the 28th April 2009.

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