Cheap broadband deals for January 2010

December 30, 2009

Business is brisk for UK broadband providers in January – it seems that most of us review our household bills this month. January offers a good time to switch broadband provider with a number offering special money off deals. As always check the small print but here are some of the best deals out there. Read on.

2 months free on O2 Broadband

O2 Standard Home Broadband offers award winning 8 Mbs broadband for £7.34 per month (excluding line rental) for existing O2 customers and £12.23 for new customers. The service comes with a free wireless router and free set up. Plus in January, O2 is offering 2 months free.

So if you’re looking for a good all round family broadband service with UK based free technical support – then O2 is a great choice. Visit the broadband section of the o2 website for more detailed information.

6 months free on Sky Broadband Unlimited

Sky is offering six months free on their top broadband package – Sky Broadband Unlimited. Any new or existing Sky digital TV customer who signs up before February 5th 2010 can get Sky Broadband Unlimited (if it is available at your post code) free for six months and it costs £10 per month thereafter.

This great broadband deal is however only available if you also take a Sky Talk home phone package. Sky Talk offers free evening and weekend calls at no extra cost. And Sky Broadband Unlimited offers super-fast broadband (up to 20 Mbps) with unlimited downloads. Check the Sky broadband website.

2 months free on Virgin Media fibre-optic broadband.

Virgin Media offers three fibre –optic broadband packages: Broadband Size L which provides up to 10 Mbs fibre-optic broadband for £12.50 per month; Broadband Size XL which offers up to 20 Mbs broadband for £20 per month; and Size XXL which offers the fastest broadband available in the UK at up to 50 Mbs with unlimited downloads for £28 per month.

The Broadband XXL package offers broadband speeds over twice as fast as anything available from the other top UK broadband providers.

For a limited period, Virgin Media is offering two months free across all three fibre-optic broadband packages.

See the Virgin Media website for further information.

Product information originally appeared on the PR inside website.

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