Apple launch the iPad

January 29, 2010

The new kit on the block is neither a phone nor a laptop but a tablet PC … it is sleek, sharp and cutting edge but technophiles around the globe are seriously wondering after months of speculation whether we really do need another portable digital device. Hunter Davies of the Daily Mail believes the iPad is iPointless; alternatively Georgia Warren in the Sunday Times is more circumspect as she compares the iPad to a dream machine whilst admitting that not all Apple’s products have been shooting stars. So it is you the consumer who hold the success or failure of this product in the palm of your hands! The spec is as follows:

The iPad resembles a supersized iPhone with a 10 inch touchscreen keyboard available in two colours. It goes on sale in March (in the USA) for approximately $1,000 or £620. To control it you prod and stroke the touch-sensitive display. To turn the page of an electric book you swipe your fingers across the screen. To zoom out of a picture, you pinch your fingers together, giving multitouch control. Browsing the web is an incredibly tactile experience says Tom Dunmore of the Daily Mail (29.1.10) as he has had the opportunity to give the new iPad a test drive.

Although videos look great on the new screen there is no way to record or watch TV which means users will have to buy films or shows from Apple’s iTunes store. It seems that iPhone’s apps will greatly extend the iPad’s functions. The New York Times has alreadt developed an iPad app that replicates the paper and this may lead the way to other newspapers and magazines doing the same in the UK. Apple may be banking that its iPad will do for television,magazines and newspapers what iTunes did for music.

If you know of anyone who has test driven the new iPad please send us their/your thoughts.

Why buy an Apple iPhone 3GS?

January 23, 2010

The latest, Apple iPhone 3GS, is the fastest and most powerful yet. It is the hottest mobile phone on the market at launching a variety of impressive and useful applications. The iPhone is much more than a cellphone. It allows, internet tethering, so that you can use it to get a 3G, connection on your PC or Mac. Web pages and attachments can be viewed quickly while you are on the move and the 3D graphics will offer you an amazing gaming experience. However, you are constricted by the ability to only play games that involve the touchscreen or the accelerometer to detect movement.

The iPhone 3GS is considerably faster and more responsive than the previous iPhone 3G. You can record, video, edit and share your videos by email to your MobileMe Gallery, publish them on, YouTube, or sync them to your Mac. You can multitask, you can be downloading email and files while web-surfing or composing text messages.

The 3-megapixel camera takes excellent photos as it has integrated auto focus and just by touching the screen you can manipulate your focus of choice. Voice control recognises names in your address book and music on your iPod. Voice control can allow in-car dialling and usable voice control this can all enhance the user’s experience. It also has a digital compass application for when you are on the road. You need this equipment because the Apple iPhone is a phone, iPod and Internet device in one attractively designed package – its mail application is worthy of a desktop computer. The iPhone 3GS is available from Orange, Vodafone, O2 and Tesco Mobile – visit their sites for the latest deals Orange website, Vodafone website, tesco website and the o2 website.   At present O2′s offers are cheaper than Orange saving you £15 approx. on similar pay-as-you-go deals for handsets around £449 for 3GS 16MB and £549 for 3GS 32GB.  Alternatively try the Amazon website for a competitive deal.

So why should you buy an Apple Iphone?  Well, whether you are a current Mac fan, or a PC veteran, this Apple smartphone changes the way you can work with colleagues, socialise with your friends, purchase goods and interact with both organisations and objects in the environment. It could change the dynamics of how you now live in that it enables you to carry out business activities at anytime and anywhere. !f you are smart you will adapt to this new technology. To feel good about yourself get an Apple iPhone.

For more information on iPhones and which contracts to get, check out the deals on this website – iphone pay as you go.

Money saving apps:

Once you have aquired your iPhone (with or without a network contract) you can get free and paid for applications that are great for saving money.

1. Redlaser (£1.19) lets you scan barcodes and search online for lower prices using Google product search and Amazon online.

2. PetrolPrice Pro (£4.99) will give you cheaper fuel options within a 5,10,15 or 20 mile radius of where you are.

3. Meter Readings (59p)  tracks energy and water use in your home by day, week or month (as line graphs); knowing/altering your consumption habits can help you save money.

4. Tipulator (£1.19) Useful for restaurant tipping; enter bill amount, select percentage and number of people tip is being split by and the numbers are crunched for you.

5. App Sniper (59p) track the latest apps on sale and will notify you when your target apps have met your set price

For more ideas on money saving apps visit app store

Please let us know which apps you feel are good money saving choices

Back up your data – online

January 18, 2010

You might have considered backing up important data on hard disc. That’s OK but not the safest option. In the event of a fire or burglary your vital data could be lost forever. Why not spread your risk with, online storage,? It’s one of the web’s fastest-growing businesses. So are you interested to learn which online storage websites are the best? Please read on.

1.  is one of the largest online storage business. It currently offers, unlimited data storage, at £3 a month. It is PC and, Mac compatible, and your computer is automatically backed up every week. Mozy will send the data back to you over broadband or on a DVD.

2.  generous free site offers up to 50GB of storage with its basic account. It will not automatically back up your files but it is worth taking a look at their website offers.

3.  store your pictures safely. A free Flickr account means you can upload and store 100MB of photos a month or for £15 per annum unlimited storage is available.

4. is PC and Mac friendly and for £34 a year they will supply you with a storage programme enabling you to update unlimited files to Carbonite’s servers. Fantastic if you were to ever lose your computer as the software can be reinstalled on your new machine -password permitting.

5. with a Google Mail account you have the option of free online storage. You can add attachment to draft emails then save them without sending – you get a generous 7GB of storage space. 

6. allows you to upload an attachment, send a message to the recipient, allowing them to download it. Basic free service up to 1GB-a-month. For storage in excess of this £6 per month buys you storage up to 40GB of data.

7.  stores your data which can then be accessed on any computer and most mobiles too. Also you have the option to share your stored data with friends by sending them links. Up to 1GB is free or £5 a month for 5GB.

8. £6 a month for 60GB of storage. Works on PCs, Macs and most smartphones – really useful for those of you who take lots of photos.

9. Free to Hotmail and Windows Live users only. Store up to 25GB but a rather slow and complicated process.

10. good for sharing photos, videos and graphics. Free storage to 5GB.

Original source The Sunday Times 17.1.10 All the prices mentioned above are currently advertised -  to update prices or for further information please visit the specific sites. mentioned.

BT launches combined broadband and calls package

January 18, 2010

John Rees in the Mail on Sunday suggests revenues from broadband are likely to be up in the nine months to the end of December. TalkTalk, the Carphone Warehouse’s fixed-line division have substantially increased their broadband customers to 4.16 billion (up by 46,000  in the last quarter) following their aquisition of Tiscali in May 2009.

The fixed-line market was boosted too when O2 unveiled plans to offer, land-line services. Likewise, BT has just launched a combined broadband and Anytime calls package – its first bundled offer since restraints were lifted by the regulator last year. BT has additionally launched a high-speed fibre network of up to 40 Mbps by activating four exchanges in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Taffs Well, near to Cardiff.  BT’s Openreach wholesale business is ready to take orders from Internet service providers - for more details visit - learn more and be at the head of the queue.

Apple in top ten noughties

January 9, 2010

Marc Ferranti writing for Macworld 2 January 2010 confirms that Apple products were leading the tech markets in the noughties and two of the top ten tech stories of the decade were the iPod launched in October 2001 and the iPhone in June 2007. Apple products are riding high and this accolade from MacWorld confirms that its design mojo can still outsmart its competitors.

The iPhone combination of cool design, phone functions, Internet connectivity and multimedia features have raised the bar for its competitors. The iPhone excels for ease of use  – the handset can be used without referring to a manual. The iPhone’s add on apps outshine any other smartphone. iPhone’s app store has 100,000 applications -that is more than three times as many as any rival.

The Sunday Times In Gear journalist Mark Harris suggests that it’s hard to imagine other stores catching up for years, if ever. Albeit, Nokia still has the largest share of the mobile market but competition is strong with the BlackBerry coming second and Apple third. Nokia is being challenged on all sides and its market share is looking vulnerable as Google introduces its smartphone rival, Nexus One, this Easter the marketing leaders battle for a larker slice of the cake. You, the consumer hold the power … it pays to be informed.

For those of you who want to test out the rivals to the iPhone why not try the following:

  • The Nokia X6 £400 pay-as-you go challenges the iPhone for its camera and music deal -visit
  • Palm Pre, Free on contract, beats the iPhone on pocketability as it is petite and good at pulling together social network contacts but fun apps are limited and disappointing visit

No connection charge from BT broadband

January 7, 2010

Quick update. If you thinking of getting broadband installed then get your skates on. BT are offering a £0 connection offer until the end of January 2010. This could mean a saving of over £100. If you have been putting off getting your phone line re-established and have been making do with your mobile and mobile broadband then now might be a good opportunity for you.

Visit the BT website for further information.

January offer: Two months free broadband with o2

January 5, 2010

O2 is delighted to announce that the first two months free offer is back on all their award winning Home Broadband packages! Visit the o2 broadband website for more information.

This offer is for a limited time only and will end on 31st January 2010.

Please be aware that in line with the VAT rate going back to 17.5%, all O2 Broadband’s monthly costs have reverted to the pre VAT reduction pricing as follows.

Price per month
Standard Premium Pro Access
O2 customers £7.50 £10 £17.50 -
Non O2 customers £12.50 £15 £22.50 £17.50

Marketing battle between Google and Apple

January 3, 2010

Google, the internet search engine, plans to launch a smart-phone in direct competition to Apple’s iPhone, offering net browsing and video games. The launch is expected next Tuesday when the Nexus One will be unveiled. This launch will inevitably lead to a marketing battle between Google and Apple.

Nexus One, the new Iphone, is bound to create a consumer technological stir in the fast-growing market for mobile-phone web access. The number of mobile internet searches grew by 30% ,over the previous three months, in the third quarter of 2009. Like Apple’s iPhone, the Google Nexus One will have a touch screen and users will be able to search the web by voice commands. Price for the new smart-phone is still under wraps!

Source: The Sunday Times Newspaper 3.1.10

Choosing a Mac user-friendly broadband provider

January 2, 2010

Switching broadband provider can save you £135!

The latest research by Broadband Choices suggests that changing broadband provider could save you £135/year. Furthermore, 40% of broadband users are planning to switch and save over the next 12  months. The study also found that reliability is the most important factor when choosing a new broadband package with 42% of respondents claiming it is the number one issue (followed by speed -37%). It is interesting to note that this research found that only 15% of people said that price was a key factor.

Choosing and using ISP for apple macs

Any broadband connection is compatible with Apple Mac computers but modems are not so simple. The modems and routers that are sent from your ISP are pre-configured in order to permit immediate usage, so PC users can get on the net quickly. For Mac users this can often be more difficult, especially when these devices are non.mac compatible.

What to look for: Mac-compatible hardware; Mac technical support

Best for Novices

Everyone has to start somewhere and when it comes to the web – few people dive straight into configuring wireless networks and optimising their bandwidth. If you are a new Mac user one suggestion is to get an ethernet connection as this is generally thought to be more reliable and gives a higher level of performance than USB. Then get a good mid-range broadband product with around a 5GB download limit to enjoy relatively fast and wholly economical surfing!

Experienced Mac users attest that they can network with ease into any decent broadband ISP so the real deal is to choose a provider that explicitly supports Macintosh users just in case you do need a hand with something without the risk of being dis-owned by a Windows-centric ISP! If you are confident setting up your Mac and only require the actual configuration settings then a Mac-friendly ISP may be of less importance to you. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you do need to ring the technical support you will often get limited assistance unless they have a Mac support team.

Contact your prospective ISP and before committing ask:

Do you have a dedicated Mac support team?

Can I read mail from my ISP mailbox from any other gateway?

Do you offer me web space for my needs?

Customer satisfaction AND savings

Having said all that, we suggest you visit and visit as both these offer superfast and cheap broadband packages. O2 offers great discounts for existing customers which can get you a 20Mb broadband package for less than £10 a month (£7.34 for a Standard package and £9.79 for a Premium). Which currently endorse the O2 Home broadband package at £7.34 a month. Plusnet offers the UK’s cheapest standalone broadband package as well as a new high-end tariff and both suppliers have won a number of awards for customer satisfaction.

Good hunting!

Original research can be found on the website.

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