About Mac Broadband

Welcome to Mac Broadband – the website that helps you find the best broadband for Mac users. It can be difficult to find a broadband ISP (internet serice provider) that offers an Apple Mac friendly or compatible services. Mac Broadband hope to change all that – I aim to undertake reviews of mac compatible broadband for you. I’ll recommend the best apple friendly broadband providers to you. See our current, best broadband deals and broadband offers page for the best deals.

My promise to you

To ONLY recommend broadband providers that are Apple compatible and offer good Apple-friendly customer support.

Moreover, my league tables of the top broadband providers are impartial – the providers within the tables and any ranking order is solely the opinion of Mac Broadband.

Who is Mac Broadband?

Mac Broadband is operated by Go broadband Limited formed in 2007. I felt that although the UK broadband market was relatively large and mature, it was still difficult to find practical advice as to what is needed to set up a broadband internet connection in the UK. Moreover, in the UK there are many companies offering broadband internet connections and it is quite difficult for the end-consumer to compare broadband providers and choose which broadband supplier to spend their hard earned money with.

Go broadband want to change all that – Macbroadband.co.uk has, is and will continue to, review and compare mac compatible broadband providers in the UK market place. I hope decipher the marketing spin of broadband suppliers and calculate:

  • how much it will cost you to set-up a broadband connection (connection fee)
  • the monthly cost of your broadband connection (before and after any discount period)
  • how long your contract is required to last (months)
  • the total cost of your first year’s broadband connection (£ for Year1)
  • the speed of your broadband internet connection (Mega-bytes per second)
  • how many webpages, music files or data you can download (Giga bytes per month)
  • how each broadband provider rates (rating score)

Mobile broadband

We are in the process of developing a new broadband website/blog. Over at Go Broadband you will find broadband information, advice and the best mobile broadband deals to keep you surfing on the go. I am also building a resource at compare mobile broadband which turns the comparison websites on their head and compares the mobile broadband comparison sites.

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