Apple launch the iPad

January 29, 2010

The new kit on the block is neither a phone nor a laptop but a tablet PC … it is sleek, sharp and cutting edge but technophiles around the globe are seriously wondering after months of speculation whether we really do need another portable digital device. Hunter Davies of the Daily Mail believes the iPad is iPointless; alternatively Georgia Warren in the Sunday Times is more circumspect as she compares the iPad to a dream machine whilst admitting that not all Apple’s products have been shooting stars. So it is you the consumer who hold the success or failure of this product in the palm of your hands! The spec is as follows:

The iPad resembles a supersized iPhone with a 10 inch touchscreen keyboard available in two colours. It goes on sale in March (in the USA) for approximately $1,000 or £620. To control it you prod and stroke the touch-sensitive display. To turn the page of an electric book you swipe your fingers across the screen. To zoom out of a picture, you pinch your fingers together, giving multitouch control. Browsing the web is an incredibly tactile experience says Tom Dunmore of the Daily Mail (29.1.10) as he has had the opportunity to give the new iPad a test drive.

Although videos look great on the new screen there is no way to record or watch TV which means users will have to buy films or shows from Apple’s iTunes store. It seems that iPhone’s apps will greatly extend the iPad’s functions. The New York Times has alreadt developed an iPad app that replicates the paper and this may lead the way to other newspapers and magazines doing the same in the UK. Apple may be banking that its iPad will do for television,magazines and newspapers what iTunes did for music.

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