Best Madasafish promotion code

March 20, 2008

A quick post to let you know that we have now secured you the best Madasafish promotion code available on the internet.

£15 OFF Madasafish promotion code

The normally Madasafish promotion codes entitle you to £10 OFF your broadband bill and £5 OFF your telephone bill but we have gone better than that. We have managed to negotiate a deal with the team at Madasafish broadband where if you use our new promotion code 1192819 at sign-up you will receive not £10 but £15 OFF your broadband bill.

Please feel free to use the code and tell your mates about it. Please link to this page or this website because the more links we receive the more people we will be able to get discounts for.

Promotion code notes:

  • When promoted at sign-up, use the promotion code 1192819.
  • The promotion code can only be used by new customers of Madasafish. Exisitng customers, sorry.
  • The promotion code will entitle you to £10 OFF your broadband bill.
  • You will receive £7.50 OFF your second broadband bill and £7.50 OFF your third broadband bill.
  • The code probably won’t work for the Madasasfish Talk service.
  • For Madasafish Talk, use the promotion code 1192819 and you will receive £5 OFF your first telephone bill.
  • Use the x2 promotion codes in combination and you should be able to receive £15 OFF your Madasafish bills.
  • Enjoy the promotion codes!
  • You can also take advantage of this Madasafish discount on Mac Broadband – my other website is also offering a £15 discount.


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