Broadband Deals

The following links contain links to: broadband deals, discount codes, voucher codes, promotion codes, referral codes (the different broadband providers call then different things). Where an offer has a limited promotion period I will note this alongside the deal.

Please follow the links to further information on the offer, any small print from the supplier and  any instructions for using the discount code:

Current Broadband promotions

Madasafish promotion – £10 off broadband and £5 off their talk service. (currently no end-date to offer)

Plusnet promotion – home phone line-rental reduced to £1.99 (from £10) for the first 3 months (currently no end-date to offer)

Free broadband from BT - BT are offering 3 months free broadband until the end of April 2009

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  1. Katie Gardner on November 6th, 2010 10:28 am

    i have a apple mac and would it interfere with the phone being picked up and answered as im on bt broadband and when this happens with the phone it knocks the internet off

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