Looking for a new broadband provider for your apple mac computer or PC? Well you couldn’t do better than Madasafish. Here at Mac Broadband we have used Madasafish MAX as our daily broadband internet connection for over 2 years – and the service has been great.

Madasafish – with £15 discount

Madasafish broadband – the Editor’s choice

Madasafish = Great service for Mac users. Trust us. The team here at Mac Broadband have been using Madasafish for over 30 months and the service has been faultless – they might not be the biggest name in broadband but they are well worth a look for using with your Apple mac.

Madasafish .com currently have a competitively priced broadband offer to their services- starting at £9.99 per month for 6 months – they are a good broadband bet. And, because Madasafish are the most mac-friendly broadband ISP around you should get better treatment than with the other broadband providers.

Current promotion. Madasafish are currently offering a £15 discount promotion (both Mac and PC owners can use the discount code).

Madasafish promotion

If you are considering signing up to Madasafish, then please take advantage of our discount. In order to use the Madasafish promotion code, click the “Madasafish – with £10 discount” link below (and when prompted) enter the promotion code “1192819”.

You will receive £10 OFF your Madasafish broadband connection (£15 discount if you take Madasafish internet and telephone). You will not find a bigger Madasafish discount elsewhere so please use this one and save yourself the effort. The Madasafish promotion code is FREE to use so grab it while you can!

Madasafish – with £15 discount

Faultless service with Madasafish

Mac Broadband uses Madasafish and the service we have received from has been faultless; we have been running with Madasafish’s MAX service for over 2 years now and have not had a single problem. We applied online, a free modem was shipped and we were up and running at high download speeds within minutes.

Read the Mac Broadband review of Madasafish

Hand on heart, we can say that we have not has a single problem since: contention rates are very low (the number of people sharing the broadband connection over the BT infrastructure) , both download and upload speeds are fast, we get 5 Gig of data transfer per month free ( we never get anywhere near using the monthly allowance), monthly invoicing is automatically taken via direct debit and an invoice issued by pdf straight to our email inbox.

You would have to a huge amount of web surfing and downloading MP3s to exceed the Madasafish monthly download limit of 5Gig.

Read more about Madasafish products

  • Madasafish Max – £11.99/month for 6 months, TOTAL FOR FIRST YEAR £169.88 (with £10 discount)
  • Madasafish MAX Plus – £19.99/month for 6 months, TOTAL FOR FIRST YEAR £265.88 (with £10 discount)
  • Madasafish MAX Premier – £25.99/month for 6 months, TOTAL FOR FIRST YEAR £325.88 (with £10 discount)
  • Compare Madasafish products on the Madasafish website (but remember to come back here to make use of our exclusive promotion code)

We highly recommend that you use Madasafish broadband. If you visit their website using the following link Madasafish promotion code (and promotion code “1192819”) you will receive a £10 joiners discount – result!

Our current Madasafish offer (and the BEST AVAILABLE ON THE NET!) is our – £10 promotion code discount*

We are so impressed with our Madasafish service that we have negotiated with them to bring you a special promotion code – this promo code will entitle you to the biggest discount off Madasafish’s service available on the internet.

Promotion code tip: If you don’t want to sign-up straight-away, make sure you come back to this page and click on the link again (and use the 1192819 Madasafish promotion code), otherwise you will miss out on your £10 discount bonus.

* Madasafish broadband promotion notes …

  • As far as we are aware this is the least hassle and best Madasafish promotion available on the internet.
  • When you use the Madasafish broadband promotion code you will receive £10 OFF your broadband bills.
  • Madasafish will deduct £10 from your first bill and then another £5 off your second bill.
  • Every little helps, so we hope you enjoy the extra £5 promotional discount we are offering you.
  • The macbroadband promotion code will only work for new customers of Madasafish.
  • We do not believe the The same promotion code will work for the Madasafish Talk package (for that – please also use the promotion code 1192819 and you will a further £5 off your first telephone bill).
  • The promotion code can only be redeemed once per customer.
  • The promotion code will not entitle the customer to £15 OFF their first Madasafish broadband and telephone bill but will instead entitle them to x2 of £5 discounts off their first x2 months of Madasafish broadband bills.
  • If you sign-up to Madasafish Broadband for your mac you will receive £10 OFF your broadband bill, £5 off your first Madasafish telephone bill, and £15 OFF if you register for Madasafish broadband and telephone services.
  • The Madasafish promotion code is only valid for new customers. All Mac Broadband users – whether Apple or PC – are encouraged to use them, we do!
  • The promotion code is only likely to work if you use the link highlighted in the text above.
  • The promotion code “1192819″ will entitle the user to a total of £10 OFF their broadband bill. The promo code user will receive £01 OFF their second broadband bill from Madasafish.
  • Ensure the code “1192819″ appears in the promotion box when you sign-up to Madasafish or you will miss out on the £10 OFF deal – no promotion code = no discount.
  • The promotion code will not work for Madasafish Talk. For Madasafish Talk please use the promotion code “1192819″ and you will receive £5 OFF your first telephone bill from Madasasfish.

Reader's Comments

So far we have 5 comments about the product “Madasafish”

  1. Madasafish Promotion - Free to use £15 discount code | ISP News | Mac Broadband on October 19th, 2008 6:04 pm

    [...] Broadband Deals [...]

  2. Anonymous on November 25th, 2008 8:23 pm

    Nothing about cost of modem, etc?

  3. Mac Broadband on December 24th, 2008 5:45 pm

    A ‘normal’ or wireless modem comes free with Madasafish broadband. I have used both as part of their service. The BT build traditional modem broke after it had been left on continuously for a week – I think it must have overheated when my lodger left it on.

    I replaced the BT modem with a wireless modem offered by Madasafish. The Belkin D-Link unit was quite difficuly to set-up but once this was done I have had good connectivity with Madasafish; quick broadband speeds have now been resumed.


  4. Ed on January 22nd, 2009 7:51 am

    You write:

    “Trust us. The team here at Mac Broadband have been using Madasafish for over 30 months and the service has been faultless”

    Not sure when you wrote this (no date beside it). Does this “30 months” overlap with BT’s takeover of Madasafish?

    I’ve read a LOT of comments on forums about the poor level of service at Madasafish since BT took over.

    Can you confirm that you’re still receiving “faultless” service from Madasafish?

    You’re obviously getting a referral fee from Madasafish for every person that signs up through your link. So forgive me if I’m cautious about your rosy comments.

  5. Mac Broadband on January 25th, 2009 6:56 pm

    Hi Ed.

    I have been using Madasafish for 3 years now (since January 2006). I have always received good connectivity from them. The only time I had a problem – my broadband connection would drop every 5 minutes – Madasafish ran a diagnostics test on the line and advised me to change my broadband modem.

    At first I thought this very odd and I was annoyed at them for suggesting the broadband connection problem was a fault at my end. However, Madasafish were right, and once I had – reluctantly – swapped the original BT modem for a new D-Link modem with wireless router I was back in business.

    Back to your main point.

    Yes – My service with Madasafish has been faultless and I am sorry if others haven’t had such a good service from them.

    Yes – I do receive an amount of money from Madasafish; if a someone uses my Madasafish promotion code to receive a discount off their broadband connection then I receive a discount off my broadband too.

    Yes – I have used Madasafish both before and after their purchase by BT and incorporation into Plusnet broadband.

    No – I am not telling readers of this site to use Madasafish over another broadband provider. However, if a reader independently chooses to sign-up to Madasafish then I would encourage them to use a discount code to receive £10 off their first broadband bill. They can find offers of discounts across the web – all are of the same monetary value. They can also find a promotion code on this website.

    In my broadband times I have only had dealings with three broadband suppliers: Freeserve (now Tiscali), NTL (now VirginMedia) and Madasafish (now part of Plusnet). I have had my ups and downs with each of them but normally any faults with my broadband have been user error and not the fault of the broadband company.

    As with all broadband providers, the only time you will normally have any contact with them is for support issues and paying the bill. As frustrating as not having a broadband connection can be, I have leant not to simply blame the broadband provider… the fault could be much closer to home!

    I hope this answers your questions and cynicism.


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