three (3) broadband

Broadband Package Advertised Speed Monthy Downloads Contract length Total Price – 1st Year
three (3) Broadband – Pay as you Go upto 1Mb 7 GB No Contract £99.99three broadband
three Broadband – Lite upto 1Mb 1 GB 24 months £120.00three broadband
three Broadband – Plus upto 1Mb 3 GB 24 months £180.00three broadband
three Broadband – Max upto 1Mb 7 GB 24 months £300.00three broadband

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Great if you don’t want to get fixed to a BT landline connection. Because this broadband is through a mobile dongle you can connect from anywhere you can receive a mobile phone signal.

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  1. Sorcha on October 7th, 2008 1:56 pm

    After looking at your site, I went into my local 3 shop to buy their PAYG broadband package. The assistant told me that I would need to download a driver from the apple website, but I can’t find anything about it. Do you know anything about a dongle driver? Thanks

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