AOL Silver

AOL Broadband Silver – £14.99 per month for up to 2Mbps broadband speed (enough for everyday usage)

Special online-only offer: One Month Free* when you order AOL Silver online (2MB) – £14.99 per month, plus a FREE wireless router worth £55

  • Speed – 2 Mb
  • Minimum contract length – 12 months
  • Setup cost – £0.00
  • Monthly subscription – £14.99
  • First year cost – £164.89

Find out more on the AOL website – AOL Broadband Silver

The small print – *Min. 12 months contract. New customers only. Credit card/bank details required. Subject to BT line and availability.

Features of AOL Broadband Silver

Customer support

Daytime (Mon-Fri 6.00am to 6.00pm): 7.51p per minute
Off-Peak (Mon-Fri before 6.00am and after 6.00pm): 3.75p per minute
Weekend (all day Sat & Sun): 1.5p per minute
Email support is also available

Prices are in pence per minute, including VAT, for BT landlines. A minimum call charge of 5p applies to all calls from BT lines. Charges and times via other providers may vary.

Please note that the 0870 telephone numbers and 0800 fax number only work within the UK.

AOL Broadband Silver comes with 7 free email accounts. Online virtual storage of 20 MB per mailbox. In addition to the 20MB of virtual storage per mailbox, members can store up to 1000 unread emails per mailbox each with attachments of up to 16 MB in size. Email attachments sizes vary as follows: Sending attachments from AOL to AOL, 16 MB; from non-AOL to AOL, 2MB; from AOL to non-AOL, 4 MB

Web space
AOL Silver comes with 140MB of web space

Parental Control
Parental Controls help members to take charge of what their children see online and manage the length of time children spend online. Combined with parental supervision, these are among the best online safety measures around. AOL Guardian allows parents to receive regular updates on their kids’ online activities. It even allows parents to check which websites their kids have visited and the numbers of instant messages and emails they have sent and received.

Reader's Comments

So far we have 2 comments about the product “AOL Silver”

  1. linda on November 7th, 2008 8:45 pm

    i have got a advertising package in the superdrug which is a shop,and there is a CD in the package.
    i am interested in the AOL silver,i just want to make sure that if i set up that CD and pay 14.99 a month for my first 6 months and 17.99 thereafter, i can get 1mbps and download everything which like ,there is no limit. Is that right?

  2. Mac Broadband on November 11th, 2008 1:16 pm

    Hello Linda.

    The cheapest way into AOL broadband at the moment is via their ‘wireless flexi’ and ‘wireless’ products. AOL have a confusing way of pricing their products but the Flexi and wireless broadband products are advertised at £4.99 per month for 3 months and then £14.99 thereafter.

    AOL also offer a ‘free laptop’ with broadband offer – which starts at just £19.99 per month.

    Hope this information aids your decision. See our top 10 broadband table for the latest broadband offers.

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