Pipex Mini and Pipex Mini Anytime

Pipex MINI is the base contract (or standard) broadband package. It is good for anyone with normal usage habits; email, surfing the internet. Its great for the first time user and at £9.99 per month is a relatively cost effective ADSL package.

Pipex Mini broadband

Pipex pricing


  • 1st Year = £139.88
  • £9.99 per month for a 12 month minimum contract
  • A £20 connection fee is payable

Mini + Anytime phone calls

  • 1st Year = £199.88
  • £14.99 per month for a 12 month minimum contract (£9.99 for broadband plus £5 for talk anytime)
  • A £20 connection fee is payable
  • Pipex say the their telephone prices are 25% cheaper than BT’s – for phone calls to international and mobile numbers.

Pipex download limits

  • Up to 8MB download speed
  • 2GB monthly usage – actually quite small but enough for a few hours web surfing per day

FREE Pipex extras

  • FREE wired modem
  • FREE evening and weekend phone calls (eg. off-peak)
  • 12 months of FREE security software. Includes Anti-Virus and Firewall software

ADDITIONAL Pipex options

  • Wireless modem for a one-off fee of £30
  • Anytime phone calls for £5 per month – unlimited phone calls to any UK landline telephone
  • If you go over the 2GB of monthly downloads you can purchase extra downloads for £3 per 3GB of additional broadband downloads

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