Plusnet are a long standing small ISP. Now part of the BT group, Plusnet great short-term contracts – perfect for those constantly on the move or in rented accommodation. Plusnet also offer the cheapest broadband in the UK – in the contested market 3 areas.

Pro.“Very strong customer support and loyalty and cost effective short-term contracts. Plusnet also offer FREE downloads during off-peak, night-time periods.”

Con.“Data downloads are limited and Plusnet are not too friendly towards Peer-to-peer users. ”

Plusnet broadband products

Plusnet have recently (as of February 2009) updated their broadband products. Plusnet have switched from offering an Option 1, 2 & 3 scheme on 1-month and 12-month contracts. Instead they have introduced two new products – Plusnet value and Plusnet unlimited . Plusnet value is currently the cheapest broadband-only deal in the UK; £5.99 per month for customers in more urban areas. Plusnet Broadbandoptions starting from only £5.99 a month. All Plusnet’s broadband options offer free connection, download speeds of up to 8Mb and free Wireless router.

For customers living in towns and urban areas – BT “market 3″ areas

Broadband Package Advertised Speed Monthy Downloads Contract length Total Price – 1st Year
Plusnet – Value (with Free router) upto 8Mb 10 GB 18 months £71.88plusnet broadband
Plusnet – Unlimited ( with Free wireless router) upto 8Mb Unlimited 18 months £179.88plusnet broadband
Plusnet – Pro ( with Free wireless router, prioritised traffic for online gaming) upto 8Mb 15 GB 1 month £239.88plusnet broadband

For customers living in more rural areas – BT “market 1 and 2″ areas

Broadband Package Advertised Speed Monthy Downloads Contract length Total Price – 1st Year
Plusnet – Value (with Free router) upto 8Mb 10 GB 18 months £125.88plusnet broadband
Plusnet – Unlimited ( with Free wireless router) upto 8Mb Unlimited 18 months £215.88plusnet broadband
Plusnet – Pro ( with Free wireless router, prioritised traffic for online gaming) upto 8Mb 15 GB 1 month £239.88plusnet broadband

Find out more on the Plusnet website, plusnet internet. Plusnet are great if you don’t want to get tied into a 12 month contract. However, be wary, use their 1 month products for too long and you’ll end up paying more.

Find out more on the Plus net website, Plusnet broadband.

Best Deal. Plusnet broadband Value (18 month contract), 10GB data downloads per month. Total Year1 cost £71.88. Sign up to Plusnet broadband today

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More about Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet Broadband for Mac packages

Plusnet offer a choice of 7 residential Plusnet broadband options, starting from just over £5.99 per month. All Plusnet’s broadband options offer a free router and some packages can be subscribed to on a short, 1 month contract – brilliant if you just want to try them out before commiting to a longer broadband relationship.

All Plusnet’s broadband packages allow you unrestricted usage between midnight and 8 am- this is fantastic if you download movies over the internet.

Alongside Plusnet lives Madasafish; Madasafish lives under the Plusnet name within the BT broadband portfolio. Plusnet is run as a seperate business and the notable difference between it and BT is in its strong customer support team (shared with Madasafish). Its customer support technicians are highly trained and offer specialist support to both Apple Macs and PCs. Over the past few years, Plusnet have been rewarded for their service by winning various ISP broadband awards (see below).

Plusnet have in the region of 200,000 customers.

About the Plusnet Broadband service

Plusnet has very simple pricing and contracts – if you opt for the 1-month contract you can leave at very short notice (Plusnet must be confident that you won’t leave), the products are very simple to understand and the pricing is clear, includes VAT and the Terms and Conditions are crystal clear. Plusnet don’t offer unlimited broadband, instead they offer easy to understand levels of broadband downloads(updated February 2009) now offer unlimited broadband. You principly select your broadband by choosing the 10, 15, 30GB or unlimited monthly download options and all the other parts to the service are identical across their ADSL products.

Plusnet customers can login to their account online at anytime and see how much of their downloads they have used in a month (warning emails will be sent to you when you are getting close to over-running) – extra GB of downloads can be purchased by calling customer services. You can also view your receipts online and if you are a Talk customer, view your itimised bill, live online.

In addition, Plusnet offer one exciting addition to their service – you can download any amount of data off their network at night; if you like to download movies and other large files then use Plusnet’s night service to your advantage. It shouldn’t eat in to your monthly download usage limit.

Plusnet Option 1 was the most purchased product (its 1GB of dowloads per month is not much, but the convenience of no contract is worth the trade-off) which is also the cheapest product offering (on the 12 mont contract). Update: Plusnet Value has now replaced the Option 1 product.

Plusnet Standard features

  • Upto 8mb broadband speed
  • Free Wireless wi-fi kit
  • Free installation
  • Free email with unlimited email addresses
  • Free domain and 100 MB of webspace
  • Free email virus protection
  • Free static IP address, for things like gaming
  • Apple Mac compatible PC compatible
  • Plusnet Telephone package is available on all Plusnet’s broadband packages – includes unlimited weekend evening calls to UK landlines
  • Ability to use VOIP on the Plusnet networks – make cheap calls to friends on the same equipment

Visit the Plusnet Broadband website for further details of their broadband deals

We do not currently have a promotion code for Plusnet – because their contract lengths are so short, they find it difficult to justify a discount. However, we do still have a promotion code for Madasafish broadband.

Switching and migrating to Plusnet broadband (MAC codes)

You can apply to switch to Plusnet Broadband is easy – Plusnet even have a 90 day trial offer ( Switch to Plusnet and try their service for 90 days – if you are not happy you can have your money back – guaranteed). Everything you need to do to connect to Plusnet broadband will be handled by the Plusnet internet team with no interruption to your existing broadband service. The MAC migration of your broadband is as follows:

  1. Check to see if you are able to switch from your current Broadband provider. Click here to find their contact details.
  2. Call your current broadband provider to ask for your MAC code. What is a MAC code?
  3. Then return to Plusnet to order your broadband or call the Plusnet Broadband switcher team on 0845 1400 200.
  4. Sit back and relax as Plusnet handle everything for you.

Plusnet Broadband Customer support

  • Plusnet’s customer care team can be contacted on 0845 140 0200. Calls are charged at lo-call rates.
  • Technical support can be contact on 0845 140 0080. Lines are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What do I need to connect to Plusnet broadband?

  1. A BT telephone line in a broadband enabled area.
  2. A broadband modem or modem router for connecting your devices (including Apple mac) to Plusnet – this is supplied FREE of charge with Plusnet broadband packages.
  3. Telephone line filters – Three are included with Plusnet.
  4. A broadband compatible operating system – above Mac OS 8/9, Mac OSX etc. (PC computers will need to be specced higher than Windows 2000).

Plusnet awards

  • ISPA awards- Best consumer ISP 2008 (the broadband oscars!)
  • USwitch survey – Won 9! out of 11 categories in 2008
  • Highest rating in the YouGov survey of broadband suppliers – 92 per cent satisfaction
  • PC advisor award – Best Customer service 2006
  • PC Pro award – Highly commended ISP 2005
  • Future magazine awards – Best ISP 2004
  • PC Pro award – Best broadband ISP 2004
The small print – Extra information about Plusnet’s broadband product policy:
  • If users go over their monthly download allowances they can buy extra usage from 75p per GB.
  • Plusnet users have the option to sign-up to Plusnet Talk – a telephone talk service priced in a simialr way to BT
  • Home Phone – Evenings & Weekends is £1.99 for the first 3 months, then just £9.75 a month for the remaining 9 months, when taken with one of our selected broadband products.
  • Why ‘up to’ 8Mb? – Broadband is described as ‘up to’ 8Mb because download speeds will vary depending on your telephone line and where you live. The average speed on up to 8Mb broadband is 5-6Mb. BT Wholesale estimates that 78% of customers will get download speeds of 4Mb and above. Download speeds will vary a lot in the first 10 days after connection and will then become more consistent.
  • You’ll get a free 1-Port router if you stay with us for 12 months. Leave within 12 months and you’ll pay the full cost of the router (read Terms and Conditions).
  • You’ll get a free wireless 4-port router if you stay with us for 12 months. Leave within 12 months and you’ll pay the full cost of the router (read Terms and Conditions).
  • These included calls can be made to UK landline numbers beginning with 01, 02 & 03. Other calls can be made at low cost rates. Calls to other Broadband Phone users and customers of associated VoIP providers are free.

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  1. Mary Sealey on May 26th, 2009 6:59 pm

    Help, the above is my email address . I had probles and phoned in and it was changed to
    [email protected]
    when I send mail this is who it says it it form BUt I do not receive any with this address. This is very missleading for whoever is thrying to get in touch with me by email.
    Also is ther any way to shorten the address, say to, “”
    I would be very happy to have your help on this problem,other waise I have no complaint at all about the service of plusnet.
    Thank you MS

  2. peter edney on November 2nd, 2009 8:31 pm

    I am having problems with my Internet line and Plus Net as owners of Madasafish have made little effort to resolve the problem
    I would say that their technical help is out of its depth and does nothing but escalate or is it exacerbate the problem.
    It has got to the stage where I will be contacting the little heard of or advertised arbitration service as this poor service is now costing money which I will be looking to recoup because the errors lie very much with Plus net and not with BT Openreach

  3. Mervyn Tommey on May 12th, 2018 1:34 pm


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