Sky broadband


Verdict. “Sky are one of the fast growing broadband companies. If you are thinking of getting Sky TV then get this too. If you already have Sky TV and broadband from another provider – switch it all to Sky broadband. “

Pro. “Competitively priced broadband. Sky appear to have good service levels too.”

Con. “You are tied to using Sky broadband’s rouoter equipment.”

Sky broadband packages

Broadband Package Advertised Speed Monthy Downloads Contract length Total Price – 1st Year
Sky BASE broadband + Sky TV + Phone upto 2Mb 2Gb 12 months £234.00sky broadband
Sky MID broadband + Sky TV + Phone upto 8Mb 40Gb 12 months £294.00sky broadband
Sky MAX broadband + Sky TV + Phone upto 16Mb Unlimited 12 months £354.00sky broadband

Sky have a significant share of the broadband market but should watch out for Virgin Media. Sky uses the limited BT backbone for its connections whereby Virgin will offer 50meg speeds by June 2009. Find out more on the sky internet website, sky internet.

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  1. Vince on December 1st, 2011 10:02 pm

    Transferred from BT to Sky been with them for 3 weeks, so far really glad I changed. Speeds doubled, yes doubled, which I found hard to believe. Also the speed is consistent day, night, even in busy evening times.
    Switchover was so simple, as was the setup (Mac user). Cheaper by about £100 per year and with the additional bonus of SKY anytime plus, which I think is really great.
    Cannot comment on customer service as I have not had cause to contact them. But all the initial contact was slick, helpful and efficient .

    So far really pleased, hope it stays that way

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