Zen 8000 Lite

Zen 8000 Lite is Zen Internet’s entry level broadband package. At 2Gb of downloads per month the Lite package is not going to suit users that do more than check their email and surk the web.

Zen 8000 Lite broadband

Zen Pricing

  • 1 month contract
  • £17.99 a month (flat price. no introductory discounts)

Zen Lite download limits

  • Up to 8MB download speed
  • 5GB monthly usage – good for everyday use.

Zen Lite features

  • 2Gb monthly download limit
  • One month contract
  • Up to 8Mbps downstream speed*
  • Up to 448Kbps upstream speeds
  • UK based, premier Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Local Rate Calls to Sales, Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Unlimited uploads

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