Zen Office 8000 MAX

At just under £1,000 per year, Zen Office 8000 MAX is the top-end broadband product from Zen internet for business. The business products from Zen feature faster upload speeds and traffic prioritisation (if there is a competition for broadband access over a connection you will get faster speeds than residential users).

And, with Unlimited of downloads per month this product should keep any business happy with the combination of speed of the internet connection and price.

Infact, the only thing that we can think of that could count against this product is the <900 Kbps upload speeds – remember this is still an ADSL product. That is not to say this product is not fast at uploading to the internet but you will not be in a position to run web-servers in your local office… to be really fast at uploading as well as downloading, you will need to look elsewhere.

Zen Office 8000 broadband

Zen Pricing

  • 1 month contract
  • £79 a month (flat price. no introductory discounts)

Zen Office download limits

  • Up to 8MB download speed
  • 50GB monthly usage

Zen Office features

  • 50Gb monthly download limit
  • One month contract
  • Traffic prioritisation
  • Up to 8Mbps downstream speed*
  • Up to 832Kbps upstream speeds
  • UK based, premier Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Local Rate Calls to Sales, Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Unlimited uploads

* Please note:

  • Actual download speeds will be no higher than 7150Kbps
  • Speeds are affected by line length, quality and peak internet usage periods and will range from 160Kbps to 7150Kbps
  • BT Wholesale estimates that 78% of customers will achieve download speeds of 4Mbps and above.

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