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June 28, 2007

Mac User ‘ISP of the Year’ winner is – BT Broadband

BT broadband wins MacUser awardBT Broadband beat a short list of contenders to win the Mac User magazine “ISP of the year award 2006″. Nominees included, Demon, ntl:Telewest (now Virgin Media), Pipex and Zen Internet. The awards were voted for by the readers of Mac User magazine. Mac User reaches over 50,000 Mac professionals. Mac User is focused at the professional and creative markets with its core readers working in graphics, design and publishing, video and audio.

About BT Broadband

BT (British Telecom) is the UK’s largest and best-known telecoms company. In fact, it may be misleading to talk of BT only in terms of the UK, as it is a global company that provides a multitude of communications and IT services to businesses in dozens of countries. The company is firmly rooted in the UK however, the only country in which it provides consumers with a full suite of traditional telephony services and internet access products.

> Find out more about the BT broadband offer on their website


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