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  1. A L Jacobs on August 15th, 2008 9:42 am

    Could you please advise me as to whether an iMac G3, currently running under OS 9.1, is capable/powerful enough to run broadband at say a 2Mb rate. If so, would a Sky connection be suitable?

    I would be most grateful for your guidance


    A L Jacobs

  2. Richard Jones on September 7th, 2008 4:57 pm

    Why should folks pay any attention to your recommendations when you only list the “big-but-impersonal” ISPs – and you don’t even include Namesco, one of the best and most Mac-friendly of the big boys?

    But what about MacAce, certainly not the cheapest, but with second-to-none personal customer service from guys who really know Macs. (I have no connection with them beyond being a very satisfied customer)

  3. Mac Broadband on October 18th, 2008 2:07 pm

    Hello A L Jacobs,

    An iMac should be capable of running a broadband connection. A potential issue with running an older Apple with older software is that your computer end up being the ‘bottle-neck’ on your broadband speed. Also, some broadband providers are not great at supporting older computer systems. Your best bet is to speak to somebody at Sky (ask for sales or technical sales) and they should be able to give you the definitive answer.


  4. Mac Broadband on October 18th, 2008 2:20 pm

    Hi Richard.

    Sure you don’t work for Mac Ace? – you appear to have a Mac Ace email address.

    Thanks for the heads up on Namesco – you are not the first person to point out that they are a good broadband provider. Namesco have been on Mac Broadband website since about June 2008. I am struggling to find time to write a full review about their products, but, they are on the list and included in my ‘cheap broadband’ list.

    Zen Internet are another great broadband for mac provider – I encourage this site’s readers to give them a look.

    In answer to your main point/accusation – We have the major broadband providers listed because they provide broadband services to a large number of customers across the UK. It is difficult for me to review the smaller broadband suppliers because they either don’t offer a UK-wide service (so only relevant to a small number of people) or I have yet to come across their service.

    Please bare in mind that I write this website in my spare time – so reviewing new sites and Apple products can take me a while to get around to.

    If I have missed broadband providers, I can only apologise for a lack of time!

    UPDATE – I have now heard from the MD of MacAce. They are sending me information about their company and broadband products. I will put the information up on Mac Broadband as soon as I receive it.


  5. Jenni Smallshaw on November 25th, 2008 12:17 pm

    I am with Tiscali, which is not reviewed at all here. I have wifi broadband at home. They recently came out to upgrade my equipment and advised me it was faster than Virgin in my area. Both advertise up to 8MB.

    However, I keep having to reboot and it is driving me crazy. I have an imac G5 and when I called customer support I had to bring it into the living room, plug in the cable from the tiscali box and go to the thompson router web page to change the preference to ppp. Which we did and this solved the problem for half a day. They implied that the mac was overriding some preferences – have you ever encountered this before?

    Someone has told me that bt is great, someone else told me it was crap. There is no information on quality of suppliers available on the web.

    Can I solve the tiscali problem or would you recommend me switching.

    I am being driven crazy having to reboot the whole system up to 3 times a day and carrying my imac into the front room to plug into the tiscali box when that doesn’t work…

    thank you for you help and suggestions.

  6. Brooke Babcock on October 6th, 2010 9:31 am

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  7. uninstall programs on mac on April 28th, 2011 1:47 pm

    There uninstallation course of action on Macs is a real problem. Since i have would be a Windows 7 guy previously this brand-new and uncommon point to see how it’s performed and get accustomed to that. A greater portion of this it appears just as if the whole viewpoint is pretty different from Windows.

  8. Patrick M on November 11th, 2011 7:24 pm

    Thanks for the info on your site. Your reviews and also readers comments was very helpful. I’m thinking of upgrading my connection so looking around for prices and customer service to compare.
    I am a graphic SOHO Mac user sending large files back and forth. Macs always left on, sharing between my desktop Mac and two other MacBooks.
    ISP is Claranet, about 10+ years. It has always been ‘real’ unlimited downloads (no fair useage stuff) and pay £34/month including VAT (think I’ve paid that give or take since it was a dial-up connection).
    Looking at your Top Ten I was surprised to see Claranet missing. Did a search and not even a mention on your site anywhere. Over the years the connection has just run in the background. I expect it to be there and it is. When I’ve had to get in touch with Claranet (3–4 times over 10 years) their tech dept have answered quickly and always solved the problem (caused by me mucking about with settings or upgrading my Mac/Airport). Maybe once a year the connection goes down for 3–4 hours, on a Sunday normally, while they “carry out maintenance’. Claranet have informed me and I can plan around it.
    Got to state that I am not employed by Claranet, just pay my monthly broadband. They are probably a bit more expensive than others but over 10+ years it’s been worth it. Friends, who pay less for their connection, have chopped and changed their ISP’s because of unreliable service. I don’t mind paying a bit more so I can forget about it.

  9. Sue Bradbury on April 5th, 2012 9:43 am

    I do not understand why you say BT Broadband support Mac. We have recently had a problem with our email on our Mac. This is still not resolved and BT Customer Support told me that they did not support Macmail. I needed to pay extra money (in the region of £70) to have this resolved.

    I am very unhappy and we still cannot receive email on the Mac.

  10. Bryan Crick on December 31st, 2014 10:35 am

    I am trying to discover what dongle will work with my Apple products, ipad, iphone iMac. So I can use it abroad. The Huawei e5332 unlocked was recommended but I have been told it won’t work! Is this so? Bryan

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