five out of five cats prefer Madasafish

March 13, 2008

We saw a new advert in the UK April edition of Mac Format yesterday. The ad was quite cool and shows Madasafish’s commitment to providing broadband to the Apple mac community.

Madasafish Advert from Mac Format - April 2008

The ad goes like this:

5 out of 5 cats prefer Fish.

Madasafish has a long tradition of supporting Mac users, including complete support for OS X 10.5 Leopard, as well as all the other big cats as far back as Pums. All of our support technicians are Mac experts, our Online Support Centre is packed with Mac articles and our free wireless router is fully Mac compatible. We won’t charge you a premium either. Madasafish Broadband starts at just £11.99 a month. Visit today for broadband with bite but no hidden claws.

Click the thumbnail to see the advert. We have a great £10 OFF broadband deal for Madasafish.


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