Guide to buying Broadband for your Apple mac

Please find Mac Broadband’s guide to choosing broadband for you Apple. Choosing the right broadband provider can be difficult unless you (a) have a good idea of ‘how much’ broadband you need and (b) how long you want to risk signing a contract for.

What connection speed to choose ?

When it comes to broadband speed and download limit, you get a reasonable choice of mac compatible providers. However, Mac Broadband wouldn’t recommend using an ADSL broadband connection of less than 2MB for everyday home use.

How much monthly downloads do you need ?

You can probably expect to rack up between 2-5Gb of downloads per month if you surf the internet and download the occasional music file or video. If you are going to be on the internet all day, everyday then go for over 8Gb of downloads per month or even unlimited broadband.

Watch out for Introductory discounts

UK ADSL broadband providers have a tendency to get you in with a low introductory offer and then hike up the prices. So be sure to look at the Total Year 1 cost when selecting broadband for your Apple mac computer or laptop.

Contract length

Some broadband providers try and hook you in by not only using introductory discounted offers but by quoting prices that are only available on long contracts. Always look at the contract length and weigh it up against your circumstances; if you are renting a flat or likely to move soon don’t get tied into a long contract because it looks cheaper… go with a 1-month contract provider and give yourself the flexibility to cancel easily.

Mac broadband’s tip:

Mac Broadband would recommend that you should choose your mac compatible broadband ISP by its monthly download limit and Total Year 1 cost. To view our recommendations for the best broadband for macs please visit our Top-10 table. Or, alternatively, visit our broadband deals page.

Broadband terms:

ISP – Short for Internet Service Provider – the registered company that will provide your internet connection.

ADSL – Asymmetric digital subscriber line – is a broadband connection set up for making data downloads (web pages, email, music, videos etc.) as fast as possible. Only a small proportion of the available bandwidth is available for upstream or user-interaction messages. The reason you should choose ADSL over DSL is because (a) it is much cheaper and (b) in a home environment you are much more likely to download information from the internet than you are to upload information/data. See our table of mac compatible ADSL providers.

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