How to solve your Mac wireless problems

Although Mac’s generally have few problems it can be challenging connecting your Mac wirelessly to a WiFi router. The following tips may help you solve any problems with your wireless internet connection.

1. Using the Airport menu bar turn Airport on and off.

2. Reset the router by turning it off for several seconds and then turning it back on.

3. Reset your cable/DSL modem in combination with your wireless router.

4. Your wireless channel may have interference from your neighbours so make sure your router is set to a unique channel.

5. Check that your wireless/airport card software is up to date. Go to the Software Update menu and if updates are available for your Mac or Airport then install them.

If the 5 suggestions above have not solved your problem then read on:

6. Change your wireless security protocol by changing from WEP to WPA?WPA2.

7. Check your router product’s website for any available firmware updates and install them.

8. Delete and re-create your wireless connection in the event that the setting has been corrupted.

9. Try creating a different wireless network location as this may resolve your problems.

10. The problem may be with the DHCP server by manually setting an IP address on the network could solve it.

If all the above fails :

Reset your Mac’s System Management Controller (SMC): Shutdown the MacBook?Pro and remove the battery, disconnect power, Hold the Power Key for 20 seconds. Replace battery, reconnect power and zap the PRAM ( reboot Mac and hold Command+option+P+R during restart) wait for 2 chimes before letting go.

Sourced from D. Mendez.

If you find this guide helpful for more wireless information go to Mac gear, at the top of  Homepage, on this website and read – Wireless routers for macs; Best wireless router for macs; and Apple Mac routers.

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  1. Kelvin Willshee on February 19th, 2018 11:43 am

    What do you do when you try connecting to your router and the mac says you have entered the wrong key? I have entered the correct key. The mac just shakes the screen at me and reports “invalid key”. I even changed the key in the router settings by logging in with a windows pc. Then I got the same error, “invalid key”. WTF!!! It must be a bug in the Mac OS. I use an old 2008 macbook with Lion but I’ve noticed someone on the net with the same issue using Mavericks. Strangely the same problem happens with the same router and internet provider: Plusnet. I guess the mac will never be able to connect to the internet via plusnet. Good job I have set the macbook up with windows on a second partition. It connects flawlessly under windows 7. Crazy!!

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