New Apple mac compatible broadband providers added

January 28, 2008

We are please to announce that we are now in the position to increase our mac compatible broadband table from five ADSL providers to ten. We have had more time to research the broadband market and have now added (in no particular order) …

Zen internet, Sky broadband, Demon internet, Plusnet and Be broadband to our table of ‘Apple mac compatible broadband‘ providers. This takes us up to a total of ten providers – which between them – offer around fifty different broadband packages.

For now, we have updated our tables to show you the best broadband products from each of the ISPs and ranked the best products in order of the most popular amongst our visitors. As we find time to write them, you will see all the providers and their respective ADSL products linked off from our table of Apple Mac compatible ADSL providers.

We will be consistently recording and reviewing our consumer data and will keep the top-10 broadband table updated at least twice every month.

As always. If you have any feedback on the Apple friendly providers selected or the products featured then drop us an email to editor [at] & we’ll follow it up.

Most popular mac broadband ISP

December 6, 2007

We have been running Mac Broadband for about 6 months now. During this time we have been receiving feedback on mac users’ broadband experiences and tracking which broadband companies our readers have been signing-up with.

It is interesting to note that our readers have been voting with their feet.

The first Mac broadband poll

The first Mac broadband survey/poll shows that the following mac compatible ISPs are receiving the most sign-ups from Mac Broadband’s readers are:

  1. Madasafish Max
  2. BT Option 1
  3. Pipex Midi

Notes: chances are that our Madasafish promotion could be skewing results. But, it seems that the two BT owned ISPs (Madasafish and BT broadband) are receiving most of our readers’ attention. We received a lot of interest in Pipex over the summer period – maybe it was the Hoffmeister effect – from Pipex’s then advertising campaign.

As recently reported; Zen internet, Madasafish, Demon internet and BT-owned all made it into the Mac User Awards 2007 – so we will be adding their broadband profiles to this website and working up reviews on them over the Christmas period.

View our Mac compatible broadband table to view the very best of mac ISPs.

Best broadband for Apple Macs

November 28, 2007

Mac World Awards

Appologies, I have been slow on the uptake but there have been some broadband awards that Apple mac owners should be aware of – we wanted to share the results with you in-case it helps sway your decision on who to place your hard-earned cash with.

The readers of MacWorld were asked to vote for their favorite mac isp and the results were announced back in July 2007.

Of the nominations for best ‘Mac Friendly’ ISP: Demon, Madasafish, Pipex, Plusnet & Zen

Drum roll…..

The Macworld Reader Award for best ‘Mac Friendly’ ISP 2007 was……

Zen internet

[Applause]… well done Zen.

In light of this, we will amend our best broadband for mac comparison table ASAP.

Quick links to the respective mac isp websites & our information pages:

Finding and choosing an ISP for Mac users

August 7, 2007

What a nightmare? At first glance it seems that none of the Internet Service Providers (I.S.P.s) in the UK cater for owners and users of Apple mac computers. I guess that because Mac users are relatively small in numbers – when compared to PC users – that the bigger broadband providers have forgoten about them; Mac users have quite different service and support needs to the PC community.

Almost all ISPs provide Mac compatible broadband but not all are Mac friendly. You can use any ISP’s broadband on an Apple mac computer or laptop but, not all ISPs will provide you with guidance on how to run the modem or router installation nor offer you helpful mac support. Result – As a Mac user you are pretty much left to your own devices; sorry mac owners, when it comes to setting up and using your broadband connection the big broadband providers are generally found wanting.

However there is hope! The following broadband providers are making efforts to support Mac users and make their broadband – mac compatible :

ISP for mac computers

  • BT broadband – they are a big player that appeals to the family-PC market but they are now making efforts to provide mac compatible broadband and support.
  • Madasafish broadband – Madasafish have been mac friendly for a while now. They not only offer great service and support, but also are set-up to provide high bandwidth connections to power users. When Madasafish say ‘unlimited’ downloads they mean just that… e.g. no ‘download limits are subject to our fair usage policy.’
    Update: As of August 2007, Madasafish broadband are now owned by BT broadband. Service levels should remain high but watch this post & website for updates.
  • AOL broadband- Another major broadband player, now owned and operated by the Carphone Warehouse. AOLs broadband service has suffered over the years but they are a good safe bet if you want the re-assurance of a big broadband ISP but don’t want to use BT broadband.
  • Pipex broadband – This broadband ISP has recently been taken over by Tiscali broadband (yet another big ISP but this time, German owned). With David Hassolhoff featured on their advertising, they must be onto a winner.
  • TalkTalk broadband -Another broadband ISP on the Carphone Warehouse roster. TalkTalk have been in trouble for their ‘free broadband for life’ advertising; it almost caused their internal system and customer services to fall-over, when they received an unprecedented response to their FREE broadband offer. However, TalkTalk are recovering from their initial over-enthusiasm to gain new customers and, their service levels are returning.

Are we missing a mac compatible ISP?

If you think we are missing a Mac compatible ISP or there is one you use that you think is simply GREAT then – Please fill-out the comments form below with who you would recommend we review on this website and we will get on the case.

Moreover, if you have any particularly strong feelings about the broadband ISPs featured above (good or bad experiences) then drop us a message in the comments section and we’ll post them up for all to see (no swearing though :-) ).

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