24 mb broadband with MacAce

April 18, 2009

It is no secret dedicated Apple lovers will go out of their way to pledge allegiance to the Apple mac brand, so it should come as no surprise users of the Mac operating system have their own dedicated internet service with MacAce. (view the MacAce product information)

MacAce is one the latest broadband operators in the UK to launch a new range of up to 24Mb ADSL2+ broadband services over BT’s 21CN network  a broadband package that is also capable of 1Mb upload speeds.

The 24Mb ‘AlwaysOn’ home packages start with the cheapest AlwaysOn Lite deal. Priced at £16.49 on a rolling one month contract it includes a 10Gb peak download limit (unlimited off-peak), five email accounts and 1Gb of ‘MacMate’ web space. It is also possible to increase the peak usage quota to 30Gb (AlwaysOn Pro £24.39 per month) and 60Gb (AlwaysOn Elite at £29.29 per month) but all 24Mb packages are subject to a £46 connection charge.

There should hopefully be no problems with bandwidth-throttling for the AlwaysOn home packages, as MacAce.net makes a promise its services aren’t affected by traffic shaping or restrictions.

If you like the idea of really fast broadband and live in an urban or cables area then take a look at the broadband products offerings from Be broadband and VirginMedia

I found this article published on the Broadband Genie website. I’ve changed it slightly.

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