Mac Broadband listings – On the up again

June 24, 2007

Well – what can I say? I’ve been too busy with my day job to keep strumming away on this blog. The UK summer is here (well kind of), it is Glastonbury this weekend and Wimbledon tennis is round the corner. All in – I haven’t had time to sit down at my computer for a while.

Still – Google has been busy. In its endless quest to make me look good it has been dragging this website up its search position reports for the phrase Mac Broadband. Jobs a good’un and I am well pleased. This blog and website has now been pulled onto page 1 of Google for the Mac Broadband search phrase. Infact we are now position 6 in the world, out of 32,900,000 possible matches! I’m well chuffed.

This website is now also getting picked up by Google for broadband for mac, best mac broadband and mac compatible broadband. All these search phrases are now delivering this Mac Broadband website onto the first page results of Google so I am well chuffed.

I suppose I better start blogging. In between ciders and dodging those UK summer showers. Until the next post! Keep happy.

I’ll try and find time to fill-out the Broadband deals as soon as possible. They are the most important bits afterall.


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