Mac Broadband posts are slipping

April 25, 2007

Well. Good news and bad news. Google has found its way onto the Mac Broadband blog and website but the results on the ranks are not looking good.

A Google-bot found it onto the Mac Broadband website and actually made an index update – woop. So in under a week of running, at least Google has now discovered this specialist mac broadband website and Google is no longer listing a 123-reg holding page.

I was hoping for the Mac Broadband site to appear well in the search engine listings for people looking for ‘broadband for mac.’ However this websites domain is So what I did was name the site ‘Mac Broadband’ and this has knocked the results…. down. Last week – before I even launched the site – I was position 3 on for the search phrase ‘macbroadband’ and circa position 120 for the phrase ‘mac broadband’.

Today I found the ‘macbroadband’ rank had slipped to the bottom of page 1 at position 10 on…

macbroadband google listing

I then repeated my search request for the phrase ‘mac broadband’ and found the site listed at number 95 on Google. mac broadband google listing

So – all in the site has had its ups and downs and all in the first week of the site being in existence. Macbroadband listings may be slipping but who searches for that anyway? The ‘Mac broadband’ listing should start to rise now. Anyway, a low point of 95 is not too much to worry about.

A few more posts, a few more google friendly mac broadband related pages and a bit more broadband for mac keyword stuffing (like what I’ve done there?) and this mac site should start to climb the rankings. I will have to do some diretory submission for the phrase Mac Broadband too but that can wait.

For now its just “get those mac webpages up and they might come visit.”


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