Wireless Router for mac

Apple airport express

Apple Airport Extreme:

Price – about £140

The Apple AirPort Extreme is more powerful than the AirPort Express. It is also a little more practical, being designed to fit on a desk or shelf. Like the Express it has a number of features, some of which are an improvement over the Express – hopefully the upgrades go some way to explain the £60 increase in price.

•    It lets you connect an external hard disk as well as a shared printer (though, if you plan to attach both you will need to buy an external USB hub to free up enough ports on the device).
•    You can run two wireless networks simultaneously (one on each frequency band) although I am not too sure why you would need to do this in a home network.
•    The router allows up to 50 users at once and can even offer internet access to your guests without giving them access to your network – a very good idea if you have a small business network or provide free wireless internet in situations where you may also have a private network (cafes, hotels etc.).
•    The Extreme comes with four ports that support Gigabit Ethernet connection speeds – great if you want really fast network speeds on one or two computers wired to the network.
•    This wireless router does not have an audio connection but will stream your tunes to as many Airport Express devices as you want.
•    It also lacks advanced features such as port triggering and dynamic DNS.

Apple Time Capsule

Price – about £230 (for the 500GB hard-drive) and £380 (for the 1TB hard-drive)

Apple’s Time Capsule combines the same router / wireless router abilities of the Apple AirPort Extreme with a built-in hard drive. The Extreme already offers the ability for you to add a networked hard drive so the £100 price-hike needs to work hard to prove its value. The main reason to consider purchasing the Time Capsule is that it manages both networking and backup requirements in one single device.

The Time Capsule integrates with the Mac OS X Leopard system and will keep all the computers on your network backed up, assuming they are all running Leopard or higher. If the number of computers on your network adds up, or you just have a lot of data to back-up, then you may want to consider the 1TB model or adding an additional hard drive as an external plug-in drive. You can buy 1TB external drives for around the £70 mark.

Third party routers

A number of companies manufacture routers and wireless routers (many of which are compatible with Apple mac computers) – see the list of links to the manufacturers’ websites. Your broadband ISP may well have provided a modem router when you took on your broadband contract. If the ISP provided a wireless router then check that it is an 802.11n model; the 802.11g standard is a little slow when compared to modern wireless devices. All new Apple devices are capable of using the ‘Draft N’ specification so if you are in the market for a wireless router then splash out on a higher grade one. The 802.11n (draft N specification) could give you speeds of up to 300Mbits per second but you can normally expect to get between 15 and 75 Mbits per second for up to 30 meters from the base station – those with large gardens might feel the loss in wireless speed as the connection becomes weaker.

The ‘Airport Express’ router from Apple does a good job and is a solid offering from Apple.

Best wireless Router for Macs

This page is about the best wireless routers you can get for you apple mac computer. It will probably feature Belkin Routers, the Apple airport router and other mac compatible routers. But for now, why don’t you have a look at the wireless router products available on Dabs.com, Misco.co.uk or Apple.com/uk …

  • Compare wireless routers on Dabs.com (they are our recommended supplier of wireless networking and router equiment)
  • View the most popular wireless routers on Misco.co.uk (there’s no better way of selecting which wireless router to choose than by seeing which ones are the most popular with other PC and Mac computer users)
  • View Apple specific wireless routers on the Apple.com/uk website (they aren’t the cheapest but you are dealing with Apple here – they know what they’re talking about when it comes to product recommendations)

If you are just researching which wireless router to use for you Apple mac then below is a list of links out to the biggest providers of wireless routers (inc. 802.11 g & 802.11 g+)

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  1. Rehan Abidi on February 13th, 2009 11:11 am

    I would you like to that full detail of wireless router.

  2. joni on September 12th, 2011 1:32 am

    can you recommend a modem to work with the apple extreme – my only choices are d-link, t-link and tenda.

  3. Steven Dadd on November 28th, 2011 4:18 pm


    I recommend the Draytek Vigor 120 – it’s excellent value and qualiity

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