Apple Airport Express

The Airport Express router is from Apple themselves. It is a great mac-compatible wireless router device that allows you to do amazing things like create a wireless home-network (for both Apple mac computers/laptops and PCs), share music wirelessly, share a printer and share your broadband internet connection.

Airport Express Quick facts:

  • Name – AirPort Express
  • Price of this wireless router – £65 (from the Apple store)
  • Wireless speed – upto 54 MBs (megabits per second)
  • Compatible – Airport Express works with other Macs equipped with an AirPort Extreme Card or older AirPort Card, It also supports Wi-Fi-compliant 802.11b or 802.11g PC running Windows.
  • Buy the Airport Express on the official Apple UK website

Increased wireless internet speed

The ‘Airport express’ picks up from what the Apple Airport has already started. Apple has been at the fore-front of wireless technology since 1999 when it released the Airport wireless router on the 802.11b standard. The came the Airport Extreme wireless router which used 802.11g wireless technology (x5 faster than .11b). The Apple Express not only provides a way for you to connect your macs wirelessly to the broadband internet but it also allow you to share files, music and printers – clever stuff.

Connect to the internet wirelessly

With the AirPort Express, everyone in your family can surf the Web wire-free because AirPort Express provides simultaneous wireless Internet access via your ADSL or cable modem for up to x10 computers.

AirPort Express connects you and everyone in your family not only to the Internet but allows them to newtork to each other. Since the Express employs the powerful 802.11g standard, you can wirelessly share photos, movies and other files without having to worry about data transfer taking ages with slow data speeds. And if you are a technophobe you will find that the AirPort Express uses the revolutionary Apple Bonjour technology in Mac OS X to allow your AirPort configured Macs running Mac OS X to detect each other with no effort on your part! All the hard work is done for you, your macs will discover each other just by virtue of being within the range of the Airport Express network.

Airport Express = extend your mac network

If you already have a wireless network in your home and would like to extend its wireless range, AirPort Express is just the ticket. If you want to connect to the Internet with your laptop or MacBook in an area that lies beyond the 150-foot range of your AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme Base Station. You can use AirPort Express as a ‘wireless bridge’ to extend the range of your broadband or home-office network.

There is no need for extra wires or cables serving as a wireless bridge, AirPort Express does not have to be directly connected to your ADSL or cable modem. Simply place the AirPort Express within the range of your primary wireless router and the Airport Extreme will help you bridge the connection to yout internet connection wirelessly.

Airport Express = easy setup

Listen wirelessly, connect wirelessly, extend your network wirelessly, print wirelessly no matter what you want to do with AirPort Express or whether you use a Mac or PC, you can bet it is a breeze to set up.

The AirPort Express Assistant software automatically detects what you have connected to AirPort Express whether it is your stereo, ADSL or cable modem or printer then walks you through the easy steps to complete the setup.

Take your Airport Express with you

Extremely portable, AirPort Express weighs less than seven ounces and fits in the palm of your hand. Take it with you in your laptop bag to use when you travel. Once you are in your hotel room, simply connect the AirPort Express Base Station to the room’s Ethernet network and with your Wi-Fi compliant Mac or PC, you are instantly online wirelessly.

No manual reconfiguring required. The AirPort Express Assistant lets you store up to five profiles for different locations, so you simply have to switch from one stored profile to another, depending on where you’re using AirPort Express at a given moment.

Wirelessly share your printer between macs

If you have several computers in your office or home but only want to use one printer then you can share it via Aiport Express. Rather than needing to network all your macs and PCs together, you can plug your printer into the USB port of the Airport Express base station and anyone on your network will be able to access the printer. This is also a great feature for Apple mac laptop users – you can take you mac round to a friends or another office and easy get set-up to use their printer… no more lugging round meters of cables!

Secure broadband connection

AirPort Express is very secure. The product features built-in firewall technology to protect you from unauthorised intruders from the Internet. It also features password protection and supports WPA and WEP wireless network encryption.

Where to buy…

Buy the Airport Express on the official Apple UK website today

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