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Visit the following Apple mac related forums. We have visited each one of them to check their suitability for our readers. We hope you like the sites, they should be stuffed full of helpful Apple mac information and supported by a vibrant forum community. If you a complete Apple nut or have a problem with broadband on your mac then there should be a forum community to help.

Best forums about Apple macs

These are the big daddys of the Apple mac forum world:

Mac OSX hints – mostly focused on the OSX platform > 87,000 members

MacRumors forums – Mac community discussion forums > 244,00 members

Other Mac forums

  • Mac Forums The ultimate source for your mac > 48,000 members
  • Mac nn forums – good troubleshooting information > 86,000 members
  • Applenova – purchase advice, Apple product chat > 12,000 members
  • Macfora – Apple talk. People talk. > membership unknown/unplublisher
  • Apple talker – Small but beautifully formed. A small looking forum > membership unknown / unpublished
  • Mac Opinion – A forum built on blog software. Very small community > 276 members
  • Mac Scripter – computer scripts for Apples > 12,000 members
  • Mac Forumz – Something for all. Information on software, hardware, buying and selling > membership unknown / unpublished
  • Loop Rumours – Small forum. Apple news and community >membership unknown / unpublished
  • Pinoy Mac – Very busy forum with an international community > 2,500 members
  • The membership numbers were updated in November 2008. I appologise if I do not keep the membership number exact or completely up-to-date – I busy doing other stuff on the website. Where the Mac forums’ membship numbers are missing it is becuase the forum does not publish its membership numbers.

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    If you think we have missed any Mac forums (or are the owner/editor of a Apple mac forum) then please submit a link request.
    If you think the forums are no longer relevant because they are not being maintained then drop a note to macbroadband [at] gmail . com and I will take the forum links back down.

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