Madasafish broadband bought by BT

August 7, 2007

You may or may not have heard recently but, the company that owns Madasafish broadband (Brightview Group) has been bought by major broadband player, BT. “Argh” I here you say, “Not BT. They are a big and evil company.” Well they maybe big and the jury is still out on evil.

It is early days and difficult to say what will happen to Madasafish and it’s broadband service. In the short-term it looks like Madasafish is going to be left alone by BT and allowed to carry-on serving the niche pc and Apple mac markets.

Here at Mac Broadband we have our concerns about what might happen in the long-term but for now we are sure Madasafish will continue to provide a solid service to Apple mac owners.

Lets look at why you should continue to consider Madasafish as your broadband provider for you and your mac…..

Highlights on the Madasafish service

1. Customer Service Focus

broadband are not a broadband service provider that puts all their work into acquiring new customers and forgets about them as soon as they’ve signed up. Quite the opposite. Madasafish focus on providing an excellent service at all times. On the rare occasions when things do go wrong, They take personal responsibility for sorting them out.

2. Honesty and transparency

Madasafish broadband are completely transparent and honest when describing their package offerings. When you don’t have anything to hide it’s quite an easy policy to follow. They don’t say ‘unlimited’ and mean ‘so long as you don’t use it much’. They don’t say ‘free’ and mean ‘so long as you pay us lots of money for another service they provide’.

Madasafish broadband are members of The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) and They abide by the ISPA UK Code. They are one of the first companies to sign Ofcom’s Broadband Industry migration code (MAC) of practice which ensures fair treatment for customers who want to change their broadband service provider. Madasafish’s focus is simply to provide top quality phone and Internet services.

3. Fanatical About Support (inc. Mac)

Whether you are a Windows PC or Mac user, Madasafish’s technicians are fully trained to help you resolve any problems or queries you might have. And Madasafish broadband are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year, if you need us.

4. Value for money

Madasafish broadband services come with free connection and a free router. Monthly fees start at just £11.99 a month for speeds up to 8Mb. Switch your phone line rental to Madasafish for just £9.99 a month and you’ll get free evening and weekend calls. Includes excellent call rates to mobiles and international destinations.

5. Award winning broadband

They don’t like blowing their own trumpets but the last 12 months has been quite exciting for Madasafish. They’ve had to dust off their tuxedos and evening dresses on several occasions to go and take the plaudits.

At the 2007 Internet Service Provider Awards (or ISPAs, as they’re affectionately known) They received the award for “Best Consumer Email”. ISPA said;

“the judges felt that Madasafish’s email security and reliability reflects the vital role email now plays for consumers. The ease by which consumers are able to navigate Madasafish’s email interface using key commands was seen as a great feature.”

At the 2006 ISPAs Madasafish broadband was the overall winner in the ‘Best Heavy Consumer Broadband’ category. An ISPA spokesperson said,

“The judges considered Madasafish to offer a great product which represents real value for money.” The judges also applauded Madasafish

for offering an inclusive broadband service, which supports both Apple Mac and PC users.

The 2006 PC Pro Awards saw Madasafish Highly Commended in the ‘Best Broadband ISP’ category. In The PC Pro awards, the team at Madasafish were voted for by the magazine’s readers. Madasafish was Highly Commended in both the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and ‘Best Buy’ categories of the PC Advisor >Broadband Awards. Again, based on the feedback of thousands of readers, these commendations really reflect their commitment to Customer Service and value for money. Recently, Madasafish also ranked well in terms of customer satisfaction in the BBC Watchdog ‘Broadband Survey’ – beating broadband providers much marger than themselves.


Reader's Comments

So far we have 3 comments about the product “Madasafish broadband bought by BT”

  1. Jeff Long on September 30th, 2010 10:50 am

    Your comments aboute madasafish are spot on they are reliable treat problems personal.but I am discusted that B.T has bought them,The big boy on the block triumphs again, it won’t be long be before madasafish is just a distant memory,and thats when I move on to any other internet provider but ‘B.T’

    Madasafish aka Sicasaparrot

  2. Jeff Long on September 30th, 2010 10:55 am

    Top Marks for Madasafish never a problem.

  3. Susan Knights on March 7th, 2011 9:34 am

    Madasafish may be transparent in what they offer but they are totally useless once they have you as a customer. They have people who when they eventually answer the phone can’t give you an answer. They make promises to do something or rectify a mistake of theirs but never do. If you ask to speak to a supervisor or a particular department you can’t , because apparently they have no supervisors, line managers or departments except sales and customer services. However, if you want to speak to customer services you will be hanging on for over an hour and then will be told any lie that come to mind just to get rid of you.

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