Madasafish. Help spread the word… Free to use £15 discount code

December 2, 2007

Come on. Get using our Madasasfish Promotion code. Only about 30 people have used it so far….

Madasafish Discounts used so far

30 x £15 discount = Only £450 in discounts have been claimed so far.

The promotion codes are FREE to use. So what are you waiting for?

£15 broadband discount code

Keep saving money – the £15 OFF Madasafish Offer still stands so tell your friends about it. If they use the Madasafish promotion code “1192819” when they sign-up to any one of the Madasafish Broadband deals then they will get a £15 discount off their broadband bill.

£5 broadband discount code

And, if your friends use the promotion code “1192819” when they sign-up for the Madasafish Talk package then they will get a £5 discount off their phone bill.

To help us spread the word – if you run a blog or website – please link to the following page and help tell the world about our free give-away – Mac broadband deals.


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So far we have One comment about the product “Madasafish. Help spread the word… Free to use £15 discount code”

  1. robin on January 22nd, 2008 10:37 pm

    Update: The ‘macbroadband’ £15 discount code is currently unavailable. Madasafish have had some accounting problems with providing the discount to this website’s users.

    If you have signed-up to Madasafish, used the “macbroadband” promotion code but not received £15 off your broadband bill then please email us at editor [at] with you customer number and we will chase it up with Madasafish on your behalf.

    Appologies for the problems with Madasafish – we will get the issues resolved and try and re-instate the £15 off promotion code.


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