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July 11, 2008

Summer is now here – well apparently. Just look through the rain clouds. And Summer means we should all be getting outside more. There are so many options; the park, your local cafe, the deli. BUT, what if like us you need to stay in touch with email and office? Mobile broadband could be the answer.

Mobile broadband

For those of us that need broadband on the go, Mobile broadband could be just the ticket. You can access the web from anywhere you can receive a mobile phone connection. OK, so access to the internet might not be as fast as it is at home but its still pretty quick. We are developing a new website over at which will focus solely on helping you find the best mobile broadband provider for your laptop or ‘puter . Please, feel free to drop by and say hello. The website is still in its infancy but we hope to have things up and running over the next few weeks Years! (Ok – so its taking me ages to get round to building the Go broadband site

Compare mobile broadband

If you are looking for the best mobile broadband comparison websites then take a look at a look at compare mobile broadband- the website has a list of reviews of all the mobile broadband websites and is being added to by the broadband comparison community.


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