Norton antivirus for mac

April 27, 2009

I have recently been sent a copy of the Norton anti-virus for the Mac computer. The software is available for both Apple Macs and PCs. It is 2009 edition.

I installed the software on my desktop PC, my notebook and my Apple mac laptop. The installation went smoothly on all three computers – although the netbook is always a pain when it has no CD-drive to install software through.

The software is very easy to use and is running background on each of my computer systems. Occasionally it has warned me of potential issues but these have turned out to simply be tracking cookies and a low level threat.

The anti-virus software and an initial scan of each computer system and found that all were okay – in other words, my ATG free edition had and a good job of keeping my computers protected.

What I do like about the Norton anti-virus, is that it can record your pass words within one function. Your credit card numbers, and passwords are stored within one password protected folder – each time you visit a website that Norton anti-virus recognises if offers to populate the username and password for you.

Another good feature is in the Web browser; it identifies itself when you conduct a search using a search engine – each web site listed in the search results, has an indicator next to it; a green tick for safe sites that have been scanned, a grey question mark for sites that are yet to be reviewed and, red crosses for websites that are riddled with dodgy software and viruses.

Norton also have a community in which you can take part – when you visit a website you can also add a mini review to the Norton system. Others can see your review so, you can others by telling them about a website’s content and whether it is safe to visits. I guess all this data goes into a big database that protects users in the future.

I have enjoyed using Norton antivirus 2009, and I will continue to until another product comes along. I am happy to use the product for the foreseeable future so you can take that as an endorsement. I plan to use the product until the next release. I will add updates to this anti-virus review when anything exciting happens!

A number of high street retailers will sell you a copy of the product including PC World – visit PC World.


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