Pay as you go broadband

April 27, 2009

PAYG or pay as you go broadband seems to be gaining in popularity. I can place whether it is the credit crunch or just broadband companies telling me that I can get cheap broadband, discounted broadband of free laptops if I sign up for 24 months – but – somewhere deep in my psyche I have noticed more of a pull towards payg broadband.

I was interested to find out whether it was only me that had been effected by the latest TV/marketing spin, so I ran some research on Google. I put the following queries into Google trends to give me a benchmark: broadband router and mac broadband. I then added in payg broadband and pay as you go broadband to see how they are fairing. You can see the result for yourself by looking at following the link to the? Google trend query.

Pay as you go broadband

See – I am not going mad. Pay as you go broadband is on the increase! And amazingly, so is the search phrase “pay as you go mobile broadband”. This surprises me, because that is quite a mouthful to type into Google when searching for something, but, definitely something people are looking for. My guess would be that it is students that use the payg broadband services the most but drop me a comment below if you use payg broadband and/or have switched to it recently. I’d be fascinated to know if you are switching to pay as you go broadband as a way of avoiding costly broadband contracts.

Please see my mobile broadband for mac page to find some good mobile broadband feedback from the Apple mac community (seems most of you have had bad experiences to date). There are links to all the major UK mobile broadband companies.

Check out these sites too: Pay as you go broadband (informational blog about pay as you go broadband, pay as youg go mobile broadband and pay as you go broadband dongles), VNU (press release from O2 about their new pay as you go mobile broadband offer) & GSM (the global governing body for Mobile phone operators, including mobile broadband operators in the UK).


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