Plusnet Unlimited

February 17, 2009

BT-owned Plusnet have just launched a new range of broadband products. Plusnet unlimited – for £11.99 per month – gives you broadband speeds of upto 8MB, unlimited! monthly downloads, a free wireless router. Plusnet is also free to join and set-up.

Plusnet’s new broadband deals are bound to make the company appear higher in our Top 10 broadband league tables.

Notes: £11.99 offer is for the first 3-months. The monthly broadband cost then increases to £15.99. 18-month contract applies.


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  1. John Elvin on February 18th, 2009 6:14 pm

    Unlimited is £15.99 per month after three months only if your exchange is an OFCOM Market 3 exchange. For everyone else it is £19.99.

    Also to be considered is that while the product may be unmetered, it is far from unlimited as very severe rate restrictions (2MB and much lower for something like P2p) are imposed for half the day on protocols which may be used for downloading significant volumes of data.

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