Choosing a Mac user-friendly broadband provider

January 2, 2010

Switching broadband provider can save you £135!

The latest research by Broadband Choices suggests that changing broadband provider could save you £135/year. Furthermore, 40% of broadband users are planning to switch and save over the next 12  months. The study also found that reliability is the most important factor when choosing a new broadband package with 42% of respondents claiming it is the number one issue (followed by speed -37%). It is interesting to note that this research found that only 15% of people said that price was a key factor.

Choosing and using ISP for apple macs

Any broadband connection is compatible with Apple Mac computers but modems are not so simple. The modems and routers that are sent from your ISP are pre-configured in order to permit immediate usage, so PC users can get on the net quickly. For Mac users this can often be more difficult, especially when these devices are non.mac compatible.

What to look for: Mac-compatible hardware; Mac technical support

Best for Novices

Everyone has to start somewhere and when it comes to the web – few people dive straight into configuring wireless networks and optimising their bandwidth. If you are a new Mac user one suggestion is to get an ethernet connection as this is generally thought to be more reliable and gives a higher level of performance than USB. Then get a good mid-range broadband product with around a 5GB download limit to enjoy relatively fast and wholly economical surfing!

Experienced Mac users attest that they can network with ease into any decent broadband ISP so the real deal is to choose a provider that explicitly supports Macintosh users just in case you do need a hand with something without the risk of being dis-owned by a Windows-centric ISP! If you are confident setting up your Mac and only require the actual configuration settings then a Mac-friendly ISP may be of less importance to you. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you do need to ring the technical support you will often get limited assistance unless they have a Mac support team.

Contact your prospective ISP and before committing ask:

Do you have a dedicated Mac support team?

Can I read mail from my ISP mailbox from any other gateway?

Do you offer me web space for my needs?

Customer satisfaction AND savings

Having said all that, we suggest you visit and visit as both these offer superfast and cheap broadband packages. O2 offers great discounts for existing customers which can get you a 20Mb broadband package for less than £10 a month (£7.34 for a Standard package and £9.79 for a Premium). Which currently endorse the O2 Home broadband package at £7.34 a month. Plusnet offers the UK’s cheapest standalone broadband package as well as a new high-end tariff and both suppliers have won a number of awards for customer satisfaction.

Good hunting!

Original research can be found on the website.

Cheap broadband deals for January 2010

December 30, 2009

Business is brisk for UK broadband providers in January – it seems that most of us review our household bills this month. January offers a good time to switch broadband provider with a number offering special money off deals. As always check the small print but here are some of the best deals out there. Read on.

2 months free on O2 Broadband

O2 Standard Home Broadband offers award winning 8 Mbs broadband for £7.34 per month (excluding line rental) for existing O2 customers and £12.23 for new customers. The service comes with a free wireless router and free set up. Plus in January, O2 is offering 2 months free.

So if you’re looking for a good all round family broadband service with UK based free technical support – then O2 is a great choice. Visit the broadband section of the o2 website for more detailed information.

6 months free on Sky Broadband Unlimited

Sky is offering six months free on their top broadband package – Sky Broadband Unlimited. Any new or existing Sky digital TV customer who signs up before February 5th 2010 can get Sky Broadband Unlimited (if it is available at your post code) free for six months and it costs £10 per month thereafter.

This great broadband deal is however only available if you also take a Sky Talk home phone package. Sky Talk offers free evening and weekend calls at no extra cost. And Sky Broadband Unlimited offers super-fast broadband (up to 20 Mbps) with unlimited downloads. Check the Sky broadband website.

2 months free on Virgin Media fibre-optic broadband.

Virgin Media offers three fibre –optic broadband packages: Broadband Size L which provides up to 10 Mbs fibre-optic broadband for £12.50 per month; Broadband Size XL which offers up to 20 Mbs broadband for £20 per month; and Size XXL which offers the fastest broadband available in the UK at up to 50 Mbs with unlimited downloads for £28 per month.

The Broadband XXL package offers broadband speeds over twice as fast as anything available from the other top UK broadband providers.

For a limited period, Virgin Media is offering two months free across all three fibre-optic broadband packages.

See the Virgin Media website for further information.

Product information originally appeared on the PR inside website.

Broadband is not all about the provider

March 15, 2009

Most people that are in the process of a search for a new broadband provider, connection or package often think: The broadband provides the service and the end user can customize the package from the provider to cater to their preferences. Well there is actually a little more involved that is important to note.

Broadband speed and quality often times depends largely on the type and quality of the PC that you will be using the connection on. Sometimes the age of a computer could have a very strong effect on the signal that the broadband company is able to transmit and often times a very old computer can immensely slow down a very fast connection.

Most computers these days are equipped with  built in processors that can transmit a proper signal but if your computer is from years prior to the most recent connection type than you may have a problem with the connection that has absolutely nothing to do with your provider.

Remember that buying a PC has now become something that will have to be updated on a somewhat regular bi-yearly basis. As things change and technology changes things are likely to get faster, smaller, greener and better so buying a laptop or desktop and counting on keeping it for decades is most likely a thing of the past.

But with computers getting more affordable and broadband deals following suit in that regard it should be no problem to be able to make an upgrade every now and again in the future years to come.

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