Plusnet Unlimited

February 17, 2009

BT-owned Plusnet have just launched a new range of broadband products. Plusnet unlimited – for £11.99 per month – gives you broadband speeds of upto 8MB, unlimited! monthly downloads, a free wireless router. Plusnet is also free to join and set-up.

Plusnet’s new broadband deals are bound to make the company appear higher in our Top 10 broadband league tables.

Notes: £11.99 offer is for the first 3-months. The monthly broadband cost then increases to £15.99. 18-month contract applies.

Mac Compatible Broadband

July 11, 2008

We’ve just added a new page to the website. The mac compatible broadband page features a list of the:

  • top 10 broadband providers for macs
  • cheapest 10 broadband providers, and
  • top 5 mobile broadband products

Note: Mobile broadband information is provided by the ‘Go Broadband‘ website – our new project.

Mobile broadband for Mac

July 11, 2008

Summer is now here – well apparently. Just look through the rain clouds. And Summer means we should all be getting outside more. There are so many options; the park, your local cafe, the deli. BUT, what if like us you need to stay in touch with email and office? Mobile broadband could be the answer.

Mobile broadband

For those of us that need broadband on the go, Mobile broadband could be just the ticket. You can access the web from anywhere you can receive a mobile phone connection. OK, so access to the internet might not be as fast as it is at home but its still pretty quick. We are developing a new website over at which will focus solely on helping you find the best mobile broadband provider for your laptop or ‘puter . Please, feel free to drop by and say hello. The website is still in its infancy but we hope to have things up and running over the next few weeks Years! (Ok – so its taking me ages to get round to building the Go broadband site

Compare mobile broadband

If you are looking for the best mobile broadband comparison websites then take a look at a look at compare mobile broadband- the website has a list of reviews of all the mobile broadband websites and is being added to by the broadband comparison community.

Madasafish is a good broadband choice

May 20, 2008

Madasafish Broadband is one of the best ISPs in the UK. They are open and helpful – one of their aims is to be as “transparent and honest as possible” with Madasafish growing to be a reliable and trusted UK provider.

Great customer service and 24/7 support

Madasafish dedication to customer services is completely refreshing in an industry where customer satisfaction ratings are normally low. If you have any problems with your broadband you can be safe in the knowledge that any problems you do come across will be promptly dealt with; Madasafish provide tech support for both PC and Mac users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Also, their customer services team aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Good for people new to broadband

Madasafish are devoted to making access to the internet simple, safe and straightforward – they are the perfect broadband choice for someone that is relatively new to broadband and the internet. They even send out their wireless broadband modems pre-configured so that your broadband pretty much works out of the box with very little set up.

People who are new to broadband or feel that they will be in need good support really should consider Madasafish.

Great for people who use their broadband a lot

However, Madasafish also support high usage broadband customers that like to send and receive photos and other large files, download movies and play multi-player online games. If you plan to use your broadband a lot the check out the awards that Madasafish have won below.

Awards aren’t always everything but, Madasafish has won their share….

Awards Madasafish have won

  • Best Heavy Consumer Broadband” at the 2006 UK Internet Industry Award
  • Best Consumer email” at the 2007 ISPAwards

Awards Madasafish were Highly Commended for…

  • Best Broadband ISP” category at the PC Pro Awards
  • Customer Satisfaction” at the PC Advisor Broadband Awards
  • Best Buy” at the PC Advisor Broadband Awards

Sign-up today …

If you think that madasafish broadband is the one for you, then follow the link to the Madasafish Broadband website and get a 15 off your first broadband bill.

UPDATE: You can now receive £15 OFF your Madasafish broadband. and telephone bill Just click the Mac Broadband – Madasafish discount link and you will get £15 OFF (when promoted, use the promotion code 1192819). Alternatively, visit our sister site at Mac broadband on this link Madasafish and use their discount deal.

Virgin Media – 3 for £20

May 19, 2008

Until later tonight 5.30pm May 23rd, Virgin Media are running a broadband offer. Sorry – I caught on to the offer late – but here it is anyway.

Virgin Media – broadband, phone and tv package for £20 per month for the first 6 months. This is a cracking deal for those in a cabled region.

Click the link to get the deal – 3 for £20 bundle

Click here to see Virgin Media pricing


Offer is now valid until May 23rd. 5.30pm. Get signing up while the offer still stands.

Top 10 broadband, April 2008

May 1, 2008

The results are in. The Top 10 broadband providers for Apple users are as follows (results for the month of April 2008):

  1. Madasafish
  2. Sky broadband
  3. Be there
  4. AOL broadband
  5. BT broadband
  6. Zen internet
  7. TalkTalk
  8. Virgin Media
  9. Plus net
  10. Demon internet

Overall, it has been a relatively quiet month in April compared to March. Madasafish are still swomping the competition in terms of interest from our readers. But remember, it is the best deals that ultimately count and the offerings from Sky broadband, Virgin Media & Plus net are still worth considering alongside Madasafish.

You pays your money and yous take your pick – Madasafish is still proving a firm Apple mac favourite.

Madasafish Talk promotion code

April 20, 2008

You can now get £5 OFF your talk plan with Madasafish broadband. Just use the promotion code 1192819 when you are prompted to at registration on the Madasafish website and, you will receive £5 OFF your first telephone bill.*

For just £9.99 a month you can now receive unlimited FREE evening and weekend telephone calls.

Madasafish Talk

With telephone line rental at just £9.99 a month, Madasafish Talk provides you with a simple and easy way to save money and get free phone calls. Select one of two Madasafish Talk packages and you could make great savings on your telephone bill. It’s easy to switch to Madasafish and you get to keep your existing telephone line and phone number. When you sign up for Madasafish Talk you’ll also get your line rental, call charges and broadband (if applicable) all on one bill.

Madasafish Talk – Option 1 – “Talk Free”

  • Price: FREE
  • Ideal if you make calls mainly on evenings and weekends.
  • Unlimited free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines (numbers starting in 01 and 02).
  • Free calls to all other Madasafish Talk users at anytime.
  • Inclusive calls to UK landlines and calls to other Madasafish Talk users up to an hour are completely free. Redial before 60 minutes to avoid call charges.
  • Cheap international calls and competitive rates to mobile phones.
  • 5% off calls made to 5 numbers of your choice including international and mobile phone numbers with Favourite Five.
  • Sign-up to Madasafish Talk Free now (use the promo code 1192819 when promoted)

Madasfish Talk – Option 2 – “Talk Anytime”

  • Price: £5.99 a month
  • Ideal if you make calls during the day.
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines at any time (numbers starting in 01 and 02).
  • Free calls to all other Madasafish Talk users at anytime.
  • All calls to UK landlines and to other Madasafish Talk users up to an hour are completely free. Redial before 60 minutes to avoid call charges.
  • Cheap international calls and competitive rates to mobile phones.5% off calls made to 5 numbers of your choice including international and mobile phone numbers with Favourite Five.
  • Sign-up to Madasafish Talk Anytime now (use the promo code 1192819 when promoted)

Notes: *The Madasafish talk promotion code can only be used by new customers of Madasafish. Existing Madasafish customers – you could try the code but it is unlikely to work.

Best broadband ISP – Zen internet

April 5, 2008

Good news for Zen internet and for Mac Users with Zen broadband

For the third year running Zen Internet has been awarded Which? Best Buy for its broadband service.

Which’s Best Buy table (released ed in March 2008) revealed five stars for Zen Internet’s customer service and support.

The survey was conducted in November 2007 and was based on results gained from members of an online Which? panel and Computing Which?.

The customer satisfaction score (as a percentage) is based on overall satisfaction and their likelihood to recommend the ISP to a friend.

Further information on Zen internet broadband packages

Best broadband for Apple macs, March 2008

April 2, 2008

Please find the findings for Mac Broadband’s best Apple mac ISPs in March 2008. The findings are for mac friendly ISPs. The results as follows:

  1. Madasafish
  2. Sky Broadband
  3. Be Broadband
  4. TalkTalk
  5. Plusnet
  6. BT
  7. Zen internet
  8. Pipex
  9. AOL
  10. Demon

See our top 10 broadband table for the best broadband deals.

Survey commentary for March

  • Madasafish remains at the top for the third month running – it is still the firm favorite with our Apple readers.
  • Sky have stormed up the ranks to position 2. Up from position 4 in February’s top10 table and position 7 in January’s league table.
  • Be broadband have also had a storming month.
  • Madasafish are twice as popular than the second spot of Sky broadband!

Best Madasafish promotion code

March 20, 2008

A quick post to let you know that we have now secured you the best Madasafish promotion code available on the internet.

£15 OFF Madasafish promotion code

The normally Madasafish promotion codes entitle you to £10 OFF your broadband bill and £5 OFF your telephone bill but we have gone better than that. We have managed to negotiate a deal with the team at Madasafish broadband where if you use our new promotion code 1192819 at sign-up you will receive not £10 but £15 OFF your broadband bill.

Please feel free to use the code and tell your mates about it. Please link to this page or this website because the more links we receive the more people we will be able to get discounts for.

Promotion code notes:

  • When promoted at sign-up, use the promotion code 1192819.
  • The promotion code can only be used by new customers of Madasafish. Exisitng customers, sorry.
  • The promotion code will entitle you to £10 OFF your broadband bill.
  • You will receive £7.50 OFF your second broadband bill and £7.50 OFF your third broadband bill.
  • The code probably won’t work for the Madasasfish Talk service.
  • For Madasafish Talk, use the promotion code 1192819 and you will receive £5 OFF your first telephone bill.
  • Use the x2 promotion codes in combination and you should be able to receive £15 OFF your Madasafish bills.
  • Enjoy the promotion codes!
  • You can also take advantage of this Madasafish discount on Mac Broadband – my other website is also offering a £15 discount.

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