Neckband headset by Steelseries

February 17, 2011

Steelseries introduce a new headset for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The Award-Winning Siberia Neckband Headset is Now Available in a Refreshed Design for Music, Mobile, and Gaming

SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of premium audio peripherals and accessories, today is introducing the award-winning and unique design of the SteelSeries Siberia Neckband headset to music lovers and mobile gamers to use with their iPod, iPhone and iPad. This headset version has been designed to fully support iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, which features a single 3.5mm jack for combined audio and voice and an inline remote that powers audio and call controls. The Neckband features thick, cloth covered foam earcups, an optimized soundscape, and a retractable microphone system to be used while answering calls or stored in the left earcup while just listening to music.

“We believe that gamers are some of the most demanding consumers and as competitors they require well designed peripherals that reproduce high-quality sound and clear voice communication, which ultimately can mean the difference between a tournament prize purse and going home empty handed,” said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. “We knew that if our audio products can meet and exceed expectations for gamers, that our designs would also be appealing to a broader music and entertainment audience. Now iPod, iPhone and iPad users who want an audio solution for entertainment on their mobile device have a new, high-quality headset option.”

Featured throughout international music videos, the Siberia Neckband is considered one of SteelSeries’ most unique designs. The headset rests behind the head on the user’s neck while providing excellent sound reproduction that has been fine-tuned with the help of professional musicians, DJ’s and audiophiles. It can be adjusted to fit all head sizes through its retracting neckband, while the unidirectional, retractable microphone can be stored in the left earcup and can be easily pulled out when answering calls. Its optimized soundscape emphasizes crisp highs, and deep balanced bass levels for music and movies.

The SteelSeries Siberia Neckband is $79.99 / €79.99 MSRP. Details regarding product availability, retail locations, and new additions to this music and mobile audio line-up will be announced soon. Be sure to check out SteelSeries’ Facebook and Twitter pages to gain access to these details and updates first.

Sky broadband prize draw – Win an ipod shuffle

March 13, 2008

We have one Apple ipod shuffle to give away.

We’d like to announce a new prize draw to help our friends over at Sky broadband. It is simple. Sign up for Sky broadband using the following link and then email some details to macbroadband [at]

How to enter

1. Sign-up to Sky broadband (sadly the Sky website currently does not work in Firefox so use Safari or Microsoft IE)

2. Email Robin some details :

  • your name,
  • the time you signed up,
  • the Sky product you sign up to,
  • the customer reference number sky provide you, and
  • Your answer to the following question.

What is the name of the current version of the Apple Operating System ? Is it (a) Panther (b) Tiger (c) Leopard

Apple ipod shuffle

Small print:

Prize draw runs to the 31st March 2008.

This prize draw is only valid in the UK, for new customers of Sky Broadband.

Only online registrations to the Sky Broadband product will be accepted as valid entries to the prize draw.

In order to validate your entry to the prize draw, subscriptions to Sky broadband must be made via the web-link above.

A winner will be drawn at random on the 12th April and will be notified directly.

There is only one prize of an Apple ipod shuffle.

You must email Robin your details in full (this is only to help us authorise valid prize draw entries).

Your details will only be used for selecting a prize winner & will be deleted as soon as the prize draw is over.

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