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January 18, 2010

You might have considered backing up important data on hard disc. That’s OK but not the safest option. In the event of a fire or burglary your vital data could be lost forever. Why not spread your risk with, online storage,? It’s one of the web’s fastest-growing businesses. So are you interested to learn which online storage websites are the best? Please read on.

1.  is one of the largest online storage business. It currently offers, unlimited data storage, at £3 a month. It is PC and, Mac compatible, and your computer is automatically backed up every week. Mozy will send the data back to you over broadband or on a DVD.

2.  generous free site offers up to 50GB of storage with its basic account. It will not automatically back up your files but it is worth taking a look at their website offers.

3.  store your pictures safely. A free Flickr account means you can upload and store 100MB of photos a month or for £15 per annum unlimited storage is available.

4. is PC and Mac friendly and for £34 a year they will supply you with a storage programme enabling you to update unlimited files to Carbonite’s servers. Fantastic if you were to ever lose your computer as the software can be reinstalled on your new machine -password permitting.

5. with a Google Mail account you have the option of free online storage. You can add attachment to draft emails then save them without sending – you get a generous 7GB of storage space. 

6. allows you to upload an attachment, send a message to the recipient, allowing them to download it. Basic free service up to 1GB-a-month. For storage in excess of this £6 per month buys you storage up to 40GB of data.

7.  stores your data which can then be accessed on any computer and most mobiles too. Also you have the option to share your stored data with friends by sending them links. Up to 1GB is free or £5 a month for 5GB.

8. £6 a month for 60GB of storage. Works on PCs, Macs and most smartphones – really useful for those of you who take lots of photos.

9. Free to Hotmail and Windows Live users only. Store up to 25GB but a rather slow and complicated process.

10. good for sharing photos, videos and graphics. Free storage to 5GB.

Original source The Sunday Times 17.1.10 All the prices mentioned above are currently advertised -  to update prices or for further information please visit the specific sites. mentioned.

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