How to get the best from your wireless router

April 12, 2010

Positioning your router for peak reception is crucial. Wi-fi reception fades quickly with increasing distance from the wireless router. This is particularly important if your internal walls are solid brick – you should position your router in the centre of your house for best reception.  That could mean that you have to have long cables running from the modem, this might prove inconvenient to set up, but is worth the hassle for optimum performance. Place your router as high as possible in the room and away from cluttered/busy areas.

Wi-fi bounces off reflective surfaces so try and keep your router away from mirrors, or windows. Be aware that other monitors in your home can interfere with your Wi-fi router. For example, transmitters such as cordless phones and baby monitors can interfere with your signal. Place your router as far away as possible from other electrical items which may be inadequately shielded.

For more information or advice on choosing the best wireless routers for macs please read our guides under Mac Gear on the Home page.

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