Urbano iPad holster

November 29, 2010

I love my iPad. It’s thin, sleek, portable and very good looking. The problem I have with it is maintaining that “brand new” feel. It was the same the first time I got my iPhone, it looked immaculate for many weeks but then soon enough it got scratched and thrown about and now it very much resembles a normal phone, not a shiny Apple product.

With this in mind I decided that when I got my iPad i would protect it with a nice case in order to keep scratches and damage to the minimum. I was suckered into buying the £30 case that Apple
offered, and whilst it has a nice rubberised feel to it and also doubled as a small stand I still was wary about the amount of protection it would give if I were to drop my expensive little tablet.

Enter the Urbano Holster Case. My first thoughts were very much about the size of it as it does take up quite a fair bit of room. This does however provide quite a great deal of comfort as I know that if I were to drop this case with my iPad secured in it that it would come out alive and well without a dent on it.

I decided to test it out on a day trip to work and back (I usually take my iPad with me anyway so it wasn’t any different to my usual day). Even though it is bulkier than my other case and doesn’t provide any kind of stand it has so much padding and protection that I am more than happy to give them up. The added bonus is that when I take my iPad out of its new home I can actually appreciate the structure and design of it (unlike with the other tacky rubberised case).

A few weeks later and I can safetly say that even without having a stand built in for ease of use I am very much taken with the Urbano Holster. It provides a great deal of protection and has a very luxurious feel. There has obviously been a great deal of effort gone into the design and form of the case.

It has made me think about buying a similar Urabno product for my iPhone 4 as really the level of protection it offers is second to none.


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